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Let's talk CRM: The fine line between automation and personalisation


What is CRM and how does it all work? In this webinar you will learn about the following: 
1. Tools in CRM - How do you choose the most effective CRM tool for your business? Does one size fit all?
2. Implementation strategy - How to change our old habits and make the most of the automated system? 
3. Marketing automation: How to convert prospects into clients using automated programs/email campaigns etc? 
4. Personalisation vs Automation: How do we create personalised marketing campaign to build connections with clients while optimising conversion with automation?


Career Gameplan

career game plan.png

Learn how you can land a rewarding job, even if you lack clarity or plan to switch industries. This session will be facilitated between Johnathan Maltby & Andrew Ford. Here you will learn how to:

  • Uncover 80% of job opportunities that are HIDDEN from most job seekers, through proactively building strategic relationships

  • Position yourself apart as a UNIQUE SOLUTION, rather than blindly selling generic skills everyone else boast about

  • Build up your career SELF ESTEEM by re-connecting with your core strengths, instead of passively accepting market demands

Turn Passion into Profits

turn passion to profit

If you are thinking of starting or growing a business, you need to build a profitable referral network.

This relieves you of cash flow problems and reduces reliance on advertising. 

Skyrocket Your Business Referrals with LinkedIn

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Join Personal Branding and LinkedIn expert Andrew Ford, for actionable tips on how to create a powerful LinkedIn profile and leverage it to attract business referrals.

Promote Your Business With Video Storytelling

It is growing trend. Business are increasingly using video content to promote themselves and stay ahead of the competition.
But with numerous options out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed and unsure on where to start.
In this webinar, Dave Collins of Angry Chairs joins us to share his knowledge of video storytelling.

Get Dream Job: 8 Methods To Ace Your Job Search

As a recruiter of 15 years, Christine Khor will share insider knowledge into the critical elements recruiters focus on when reviewing candidates. We will also cover on how to avoid easy-to-fix mistakes job seekers typically make and maximise your chances of being contacted for an interview. 

Protect and Amplify Your Business Brand

As a trained commercial and intellectual property lawyer Gareth will answer any questions you might have such as competing names, trademarks and the categories to consider when registering and protecting your most valuable asset: your Brand!