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Building Your Own Business

Social Star helps business professionals build brand to become consultants.

Many corporate professionals desire to build their own business. They have the skills, experience and connections to be a highly paid consultants. They just need an experienced partner to guide them in building the foundations.

The first priority when starting your own business is Understanding your value, then Building your online profile and finally setting up a simple and easy to use marketing & sales funnel to Leverage your contacts into clients.

Having worked with hundreds of CEOs, business owners, celebrities and professionals over the last ten years, Andrew and the team at Social Star has developed a unique methodology to help you start your very own consulting business.

We call this method e-ttraction or digital attraction.

Andrew Ford, Social Star, e-ttraction

Using the latest personal branding techniques, expert advice and practical tools; this proven 12 step process of building a business is specifically designed to help senior business people to define their unique brand and use it in a way that suits your particular personality and situation.

If you are interested in building your own business, click below to book a discovery call with Andrew Ford to review your personal brand and business idea. Life’s too short not to Be Your Own Boss #BYOB!


Who we help?

Career Transition

Feeling stuck in your job or at a career crossroads and not sure of your next moves?

The key to understanding if building your own business is right for you is to understand yourself. 

Using a combination of psychological tests, personal development tools and idea assessments we assist you in creating a plan to start your own business at the most appropriate time. 

Corporate Escapees 

Had enough of the corporate treadmill? Been retrenched? Or just wanting a change?

Before you jump, get some expert advise on how to build your business. Preparation is the key and can save you thousands! 

Apply our 12 step lean methodology to your business idea and assess the quality of your business foundations.


Already started your consulting business, but finding the marketing & sales challenging?

Stop selling and start e-ttracting. Building your personal brand ecosystem is critical to attracting referrals and inbound leads.

Our easy to follow marketing & sales processes and tools will assist you in finding your idea clients.


How we help you Build Your Own Business

Launching a new consulting business is risky. We know that 9 out of 10 new businesses fail, so why not test your ideas on the market before investing too much. There are three ways we can assist depending on your needs.

Social Star, Launch in 12 weeks.png

The ‘Launch in 12 Weeks’ (L12W) program is designed to get your idea out of your head and into the market in only three months. Test your consulting methodology on your target market whilst developing the best marketing process.

The only way to know if your ideas work, is to sell it!

Delivered in group and one-on-one formats, the L12W program is practical advice to build the foundations to their businesses.

Social Star, Creating a Powerful Brand.png

‘Creating a Powerful Brand’ contains all the assets & advice of how to start your own business delivered by our Business Coaches. But we also include the building of your Personal Brand Foundations.

It includes:

  • Personal Website

  • LinkedIn Profile

  • Social Media

If you don’t already have a strong digital profile, this is the product for you.

Social Star, Executive to Expert.png

The ‘Executive to Expert’ program is 12 months of Digital Marketing Management designed to skyrocket a leaders personal brand and business.

The program encompasses the unique e-ttraction coaching methodology, combined with digital marketing to build a robust the digital funnel.

If you are a leader in your field and ready to scale your consulting business, we can help.


Our Partners

what our clients say

Andrew and his team have taken my idea & turned it into a product with a website, digital assets and a strategy & plan to leverage these into a sustainable business. His Social Star business has been the missing piece of my marketing puzzle that I have been looking for for many years.
I have worked with Andrew as a consultant on digital media activities for the LifeCare practices. More recently he has assisted with brand development of the Practices as well as personal branding for me and some of our practitioners. He is knowledgeable, up to date and sift through what is a difficult medium to navigate. I would highly recommend his consulting services.

Client feedback from our Launch in 12 weeks course

What Jules Lund says about Social Star?


Some Of The Awesome Clients We Have Worked With

Free download to transform your career or small business

If you have already Build a Powerful Personal Brand but you are not yet getting all of the opportunities you desire, that’s a lack of Leverage.

That’s why we created this eBook helping you go to the next level in your personal branding, personal marketing. There are 10x branding tips including:

  • Optimising your business presence on Google

  • How to be found for your niche

  • Getting more referrals

If you would like to discuss your brand in more details click here to book a 20min free brand review.