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Our mission is to empower everyone to follow their passion & work in a career they love


how it all started...

Based in Melbourne, Social Star is a digital marketing and personal branding management agency with a personal approach. We mix personal development, business coaching &  digital marketing to help people leave their unfulfilling jobs to start a business built around their desired lifestyle that matches their values and personality.

Our goal is to help Corporate Escapees transition from the workforce to their own business.

Founded in 2013 by Andrew Ford, a marketing expert & business coach who is also known as the "e-ttractionist",

Social Star has grown into a national business supporting hundreds of new business founders achieve their dreams of working in an area they are passionate about.  

Our methodology

Digital Attraction = e-ttraction™

"A force under the influence of which objects tend to move towards each other"

Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It's basic physics. But how can we apply this to our daily routines to improve our lives? We believe by Understanding, Building and Leveraging you own powerful personal brand you can digitally attract what we most want in our careers, businesses and lives.

Our Process


Whether you are looking for perfect job, attracting more business referrals or having an idea and wanting to start a new business, we will take you through our 3-step process to help you achieve your goals.



We take you through our crafted questions to help you know thyself, clarify your brand personality, values, strengths & life stage.



We help you create a compelling digital brand platform: personal & business website, LinkedIn and other required social media. 



We coach you to amplify your brand to attract the right opportunities through pitching, online networking & content marketing.

Our Team

Andrew Ford   Founder & PBC

Andrew Ford

Founder & PBC

Brad Cooke   Personal Brand Coach

Brad Cooke

Personal Brand Coach

Janice Formichella   Marketing Manager

Janice Formichella

Marketing Manager

David McDowell  CFO

David McDowell

Loan Nguyen   Finance & Admin

Loan Nguyen

Finance & Admin

Jeanel Pangindian   LinkedIn Specialist

Jeanel Pangindian

LinkedIn Specialist

Steve Mason  Advisory Board

Steve Mason
Advisory Board

Phillip Brookes   Technical Genius

Phillip Brookes

Technical Genius

Gabi Potgieter   Branding Intern

Gabi Potgieter

Branding Intern

Elva Li   Personal Brand Consultant - Training

Elva Li

Personal Brand Consultant - Training

HubSpot Expert

HubSpot Expert

Event Intern

Event Intern


When you work with us, you are getting access to a skilled team that we have hand-picked, who is best at what they do, such as business coaches, personal brand managers, website builders, copywriters, photographers and videographers.


Like to work with us?

We have several opportunities to join Social Star. Become a Personal Brand Coach or as an expert in digital. Let us know your skills and why you are great!

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A peak at the culture from some of our events

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