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Social Star is a Melbourne-based brand marketing agency. We help professionals and business people attract opportunities through Personal Branding. 

How We Build Powerful Brands


Know Thyself. We start by creating a set of brand guidelines through analysing your values, strengths and life stage. 

Create compelling digital assets such as a website and LinkedIn profile, allowing prospects to access your brand 24/7

Amplify your brand to attract eyeballs, translate it to offline relationship and convert it into opportunities

How Can We Help You? 

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Attract Talent

Aiming for a more consistent cashflow? Stop spending marketing dollars on ineffective tactics. Referrals are 80% more likely to convert into sales, along with a higher customer lifetime value. 

Your brand is a leadership enabler. By building your presence and sharing insights, you create trust and likeability. This attracts top talent to your organisation and opportunities for revenue-generating partnerships. 

Your people are your biggest assets. Job candidates are 72% more likely to believe messages by employees compared to advertising. Employees as brand ambassador help lowers staff turnover by 28%.

Ready To Get Started? 


Select Business Idea 'Cheatsheet'


You will learn the following:


#1 - Uncovering your motivations: This will serve as your core drivers when the going gets tough


#2 - Investigating your advantages: This would help you identify key starting points to leverage and build a unique business


#3 - Assessing the profitability of your market - This would reduce unnecessary money loss and stress down the road




[Live event] Startup Stories


From leaving my corporate job to starting a company, a lot has happened in the last 48 months. 


This involved raising funding, hiring staff and making pivotal changes to the business. 


During this meet-up, I will be sharing six powerful lessons I wish I knew at the start of my journey.


Do come along to mingle, listen to my stories and apply the stories to your own path. 


Due to size of the venue, tickets are limited to 20. 

Awesome Folks We Have Worked With

Here Is What Our Clients Have To Say



 "Andrew and his team have taken my idea and turned it into a product with a website and brochure and a strategy and plan to leverage these into a sustainable business. His Social Star business has been the missing piece of my marketing puzzle that I have been looking for for many years"

Dr Cameron Kealy, Osteopath at Migraine Solutions 


"I have worked with Andrew as a consultant on digital media activities for the LifeCare practices. More recently he has assisted with brand development of the Practices as well as personal branding for me and some of our Practitioners. He is knowledgeable, up to date and can sift through what is a difficult medium to navigate. I would highly recommend his consulting services."


Micheal Kenihan, General Manager at Lifecare



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