Why "Doing what you love" matters?

What was your wildest dream when you were a little kid? When was the last time something lights you up inside, makes you feel inspired into action? We all have dreams but not all of us follow them. 

Most of us give up our dreams in favour of practicality. Life gets in the way. We study because we should. Take a job because we have to pay the bills and stay in our career because we don't believe we have the power to change. It's too hard to learn again, start something new and chase that dream career, we say. And that used to be true. It was hard, there were barriers and our excuses were backed up with fact.

But times have changed. There has never been a better time in history to chase dreams. In the digital world, there are no limits. You can start a business doing anything you want. People are chasing their dream careers and catching them.

If you love your current career, congratulations as you are the lucky few! If you suffer from Mondayitis, Humpday and Thank God It's Friday - there is a choice. The choice is yours.

Join us in the career revolution. Chasing dreams is no longer crazy, it's mandatory. 

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.
— Steve Job

How We Help

We are the "Personal Branding" people who use "brand" to help individuals and organisations, job seekers and business owners to e-ttract the opportunities they want, to be successful and be able to do what they love and are best at!

Boost your Career 

Feeling stuck in your job or at a career crossroads and not sure of your next moves? Let us help you understand & prepare for the future of work in the digital economy.

You should always be doing what you love and loving what you do!

The key strategy is using LinkedIn and other digital tools to clearly articulate your passion and values, showcase your knowledge and stand out from the crowd in the competitive job market.  Let us help you get to the first step on the ladder. 

Start Your Business

Professionals or individuals having a burning business idea & dreaming to start your own business but not sure where to start? Let us help you understand the process to get it off the ground as a side hustle or a full time business, one that you LOVE running & makes MONEY.

Understanding your niche and applying the right strategy that matches your brand is key. We will help you from honing your elevator pitch, identifying your core strengths, target market and products, positioning you as the go-to expert in your industry, to attracting your very first client.

Get more referrals

Small business owners feeling left behind in the digital revolution or failing to get enough referrals?

Stop selling and start e-ttracting. Enhance your digital brand & create a digital ecosystem to attract more clients and capture referrals.

The digital landscape moves fast and having a basic knowledge is essential for your business.

A few Words From our Clients

Andrew And His Team Have Taken My Idea And Turned It Into A Product With A Website And Brochure And A Strategy And Plan To Leverage These Into A Sustainable Business. His Social Star Business Has Been The Missing Piece Of My Marketing Puzzle That I Have Been Looking For For Many Years

I Have Worked With Andrew As A Consultant On Digital Media Activities For The LifeCare Practices. More Recently He Has Assisted With Brand Development Of The Practices As Well As Personal Branding For Me And Some Of Our Practitioners. He Is Knowledgeable, Up To Date And Can Sift Through What Is A Difficult Medium To Navigate. I Would Highly Recommend His Consulting Services.

Client feedback from our Launch in 12 weeks course

What Jules Lund says about Social Star?


Some Of The Awesome Clients We Have Worked With


What we offer


We offer consultation to career seekers & aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking for guidance to look for their next perfect role or turn ideas into profitable businesses.

linkedin profile revamp

LinkedIn Revamp

LinkedIn is the largest professional platform in the world, with over 5 millions users in Australia. A gold mine for turning sales opportunities. 

website development

Website Design

We help you build your personal or business website to serve as the hub of your digital footprint to consolidate and showcase your brand in the best possible light.             

content management

Content Marketing

Content serves as the engine of the digital assets built. It educates your audience & positions you as the 'go-to-leader' in your niche.

social media

Social Media

The social media landscape is rapidly changing - can you keep up? We advise you on choosing the right platform and creating authentic & relevant content to your audience. 


Speaking & Training

We offer public speaking, group training & workshop facilitation to educate & inspire your team on the importance of personal branding.

creating a powerful brand book

Want to learn more about personal branding? Why not get a complimentary copy of Andrew's book?

Creating a Powerful Brand

You should grab a copy of this book if you are looking to attract career opportunities or generate business referrals. This book will guide you a step by step process of how  to construct your personal brand by starting on the right social media platforms and uncovering your brand personality as knowing thyself is the first step towards a fulfilling life. 

Just fill in your details and we will send you one immediately!

Our Partner


Dent has just announced the appointment of Andrew - Social Star Founder as their Melbourne City Leader to make even more of an impact to the Dent community.

You may have met Andrew Ford at Pitch Fest where he has been a pitch judge since the start of KPI. Joining the ranks of Dent, Andrew looks forward to helping you GSD with weekly #breakfastwithAndy to keep connected to the community, seek feedback and discuss new ideas. 

There will also be bi-monthly #rendezvous events to stimulate your mind and celebrate successes of the community with food and booze! The next one is Wednesday 26th July, drop us a line if you would like to attend!

Upcoming Events & Workshops

At Social Star, we love to get social, Come join us at our upcoming events

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