How Can We Help You? 


Attract career Opportunities

Tired of submitting numerous resumes that gets ignored? 90% of hiring managers search you up online when screening you for a job position. 

generate business referrals

Aiming to generate more business referrals? Stop spending marketing dollars on ineffective tactics. Referrals are 80% more likely to convert into sales. 

What We Specialise In...



LinkedIn is the largest professional platform in the world, with over 5 millions users in Australia. It is a gold mine for turning connections into opportunities. 



A website serves as the hub of your digital footprint. A platform to call your own, consolidating and showcasing your brand in the best possible light. 


Social Media


The social media landscape is rapidly changing - can you keep up? Get guidance on creating a compelling presence on platforms relevant to your audience. 

CONTENT management 


Content serves as the engine of the digital assets built. It educates your audience as positions you the 'go-to-leader' in your niche. 




About Us


Why Personal Brand

Striving to attract career opportunities, generate business referrals or position yourself as an industry leader? 


We believe you can achieve all these professional goals with a powerful brand. 


Social Star is a Melbourne-based brand marketing agency. We work with individuals like yourself to understand your brand personality, create digital assets and leverage your brand to attract opportunities.   

Awesome Folks We Have Worked With

What Our Clients Say



 "Andrew and his team have taken my idea and turned it into a product with a website and brochure and a strategy and plan to leverage these into a sustainable business. His Social Star business has been the missing piece of my marketing puzzle that I have been looking for for many years"

Dr Cameron Kealy, Osteopath at Migraine Solutions 



"Andrew Ford is one of the few people I am able to say is truly an expert in marketing and personal branding. He understands the real meaning of brand equity and how to develop it and present it to your market"

Laura Wong, Singer & Songwriter



"I have worked with Andrew as a consultant on digital media activities for the LifeCare practices. More recently he has assisted with brand development of the Practices as well as personal branding for me and some of our Practitioners. He is knowledgeable, up to date and can sift through what is a difficult medium to navigate. I would highly recommend his consulting services."


Micheal Kenihan, General Manager at Lifecare