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Date night with your Career

Most of us spend at least 8 hours a day at work. Think about it, we spend more time with our career than with our families. It's time to invest in your career!

This event will teach you how to stop working for others, regain control of your work life and get back in the drivers seat of career.

How to find and build a career or business you love with Personal Branding

22nd March 2017-  6:30 pm

Who Should Attend?

  • Students at Universities & Graduates
  • Professionals & Business owners looking to improve their personal brand
  • Business-minded people wanting to network & get a better grasp of the marketing landscape.

Why Join us?

  • Are you a professional looking to improve your personal brand to attract more career opportunities?
  • Are you a student unsure of how to get your dream job in your respective careers?
  • Are you still searching for a meaningful career that you are truly passionate and care about?
  • Are you at a career crossroad, looking for the next move?
  • Do you have a burning business idea and not know where to start?

If The Answer Is Yes - This Event Is For You!

What Is This Event About? 

• On the night of your date, you will be presented with information on who is Social Star, why are we the chosen experts for you, tips and tricks used today to improve your personal brand, and tools used in everyday lives to attract opportunities to you. 

• You will then be given the opportunity to 'mix up and mingle' with the professionals around you. Social Star is making sure to have a mix of career & business experts from different industries so we can help as many of you as possible. We will have our career experts there on the day and they will be more than happy to answer questions for you. 

What to Expect?

  • Hear from industry experts and inspiring Speakers, Business Owners & Entrepreneurs sharing their stories of how they have found their 'passion-career' and build up their businesses to make their own mark. 
  • Walk away with career tips and business advices
  • Be inspired and motivated by true stories, challenges, and journeys of the speakers to find your own passion and pursue a career you love, to do what you love and love what you do.

The ultimate goal of this program is to:

  • Help you understand your passions and how you can pursue them to ultimately have a career
  • Increase your chances of meeting people from different industries and make connections
  • Help you get an understanding of who Social Star is and what we do to help you achieve your goals