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Video Marketing - How to use videos as part of your content marketing strategy

The spoken word, especially when someone’s speaking about it from their heart, is a really powerful tool. Then they say a picture paints a thousand words, but then a moving image where you can show beautiful shots of people and of what they do and of how they do it and of what they, what they can kind of make. Bringing all of those things together is what makes video so powerful.
You can get words, pictures, sound, and spoken word, but more than that you can get emotion across in video. Video is the strongest combination of all those things kind of put together.

Dave Collins from Angry Chair will reveal the secrets of making effective videos and tell us:

  • Why your business should make video blogs now
  • How to make Facebook videos work
  • How to develop an emotional connection with online video
  • Quality or quantity?

Date: Monday, 5 September
Time: 5:45pm for 6pm start
Location: Social Star, Level 7, 114 William Street, Melbourne 3000

* Free entry for Social Star Alumni members.