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Lets Talk CRM - the fine line between automation & personalisation. [Webinar]


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is one of the most important software that helps companies manage, centralise and analyse data & customers behaviors while avoid having to juggle a number of spreadsheets. The goal of CRM is to improve the relationship with customers, and ultimately to boost sales. While using CRM systems is a standard and popular process among companies, making the most of the tools and choosing the most suitable one can be tricky for many businesses.

Automation is one of the superpowers of CRM that often overlooked. Using it right, CRM can free your time and help you grow the business on a bigger scale. Overuse it or wrong application, however, can ruin your relationships with your customers.

The Webinar included topics like:

  • Tools in CRM - How do you choose the most effective CRM tool for your business? Does one size fit all?
  • Implementation strategy - How to change our old habits and make the most of the automated system? 
  • Marketing automation - How to convert prospects into clients using automated programs/email campaigns etc? 
  • Personalisation VS Automation - How do we create personalised marketing campaign to build connections with clients while optimising conversion with automation?

Download the webinar below to have these questions answered.