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Why Personal Branding

For career seekers & professionals, the job market is getting increasingly competitive. Recruiters and hiring managers are able to access large talent pools locally & globally using social media. If you are not online where they are looking, how will you get these opportunities? If you do get found, how do you capture the attention and stand out from the crowd? Our advice is to be more you. You are unique and you only need one job, so Understand your brand, Build powerful online assets and learn how to Leverage your profile with a powerful personal pitch.  We can show you how.

For business owners, running a business can be challenging. You start out thinking you will spend most of your time helping clients with your professional service, but you find yourself having to stretch your knowledge running sales, marketing and IT as well. It's not your core skill and can be very frustrating when things like websites, social media and email systems go wrong. Plus having to deal with tech speak all day drives you crazy! We hear you. That's why we created a simple digital ecosystem to manage your business brand online and capture those referrals which are the lifeblood of your business. We have proven strategies that are easy to use, reliable and cost effective. It costs nothing to have a conversation and find out how we can help take these headaches away.

Benefits of Personal Branding

Stand out from the crowd

Recruiters look for fit with a role. Small details separate the competition. A clear brand gives them the defining reason to hire you over the rest.

24/7 Career Pitch

Companies are always looking for quality staff. You never know when you will be referred by a friend so ensure your profile is ready now.

Easy to be found

Recruiters and companies will look you up on LinkedIn when you apply for roles. Be easily found and have a clear and specific brand on your profile.

Increase Your Credibility

Prospects do online research to compare services. They need to like you and find you credible. Give them enough information to be confident on taking the next step and contact you.

24/7 Business Pitch

When you are sleeping, on holidays or working with clients. Your online profile is pitching to potential clients on your behalf. This is time efficient marketing compared to you selling yourself. 

Client Acquisition Cost

Paid advertising coverts at >1% to a cold market. Referrals on the other hand, convert at 50% because you warm them up with your brand. We help you generate more referrals.