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What about .ME?

A colleague of mine emailed me last week with an article on the launch of Domain.me in North America, touted as the "New Destination for Personal Branding."

I was subtly unimpressed.

Now, I'm no stranger to personal branding, and I'm a vocal advocate on the importance of having a personal website if you want to expand your personal brand.

So why don't I care about the launch of .me? Isn't this a perfect opportunity to secure your own domain name?

Well, let me answer some questions, then you decide.


Well, no.

There are a raft of new global Top Level Domains (gTLD), like .business, .consulting, .coffee, and not to forget .horse; but .me is not one of them. It's more special than .com, .net, .gov, .edu or .anything for that matter - it's just the country coded Top Level Domain (ccTLD) for Montenegro which has been around since 2007.

Ok, so I guess it's a tiny bit more special.



With country coded TLDs, Google typically likes to customise searches based on you location, as seen with .com.au or .co.uk, which target Australian and UK searches respectively. This would mean Montenegro residents are going to be plagued with personal branding sites, except for the fact that Google knows this, and considers .me domains as generic for any country, just as it does with other misfortunate ccTLDs such as .tv (Tuvalu), .dj (Djibouti), and now, of course .me (Montenegro).



Well, that's up to you. Remembering .me is no more special than anything else, you're better picking up a domain localised for your country. For me, that's a .com.au.

I wouldn't rate .me above anything - especially if you can get a .com or a ccTLD for your country - especially if that's where you do all your business.

The only reason I'd go as far as getting a .me is because your name is already taken in all of the other conventional gTLDs, and you have no other choice. That, or you simply want to domain squat, if you're that kind of person.



So you've gone and purchased a domain in your name, whether it be a .com, .net, .me or .horse; you've put a nice big picture of your mug on it, and you're waiting to be found.

The work on a personal website does not stop when you register a domain name. It doesn't stop when you add some pretty pictures and links to your Facebook page. In fact, it never stops - another reason why I wouldn't bother with a www.about.me subdomain either.

Content is still king - you need dynamic, interesting content, otherwise Google and the rest of the world just won't be interested.

Yes, that's right, Google likes dynamic content over static content, otherwise it assumes your site is probably just a graveyard.



Yep, content. It sounds hard, but it isn't.

There's one universal truth when it comes to content - if you don't have content, then you don't need a place for it - if you think you're worth finding, then I guarantee you already have content - it's the bits of you that make you interesting.

So if you've decided to go down the path of a personal website, you just need to figure out how to take interesting things about the flesh and bone you and put it into the digital you.

Just remember to be authentic - it's easy to spot someone trying to be someone they're not, and it also takes way too much effort! Photos, videos, stories, thoughts and ideas - they're all content, so get out and start creating!

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