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5 Simple Tips to Kickstart Your Youtube Channel

Congrats on deciding to start a Youtube channel!

As video content becomes increasingly popular, the number of video consumers is increasing rapidly. 6 billion hours of videos are watched every month to be exact. 

It is also a prime media platform compared to traditional media. YouTube reaches more U.S. adults ages 18-34 than any cable network.

If you are not sure where to start, here are some tips tailored for beginners like you. 

Visual Branding

First off, you need to brand channel by adding a logo and banner. 

For the logo, the best practice is to upload a 800 X 800 px image. The format should be JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG (no animated GIFs).

Just beware that formatting the banner can be slightly tricky. Youtube displays your banner in different formats according to your viewing device. Hence you should ensure that your core message fits into the rectangular space located in the centre i.e. 'Text and Logo Safe Area'

Add Social Links 

Youtube is considered a social media channel, and you can use it to display links to your other social media platforms. 

This present key benefits such as providing viewers with extra touch points to gain familiarity with your brand, while increasing your followers across various platforms. 

Display Custom Thumbnail


Like it or not, Youtube displays a thumbnail of your video in your video gallery. This is your chance to grab viewer's attention and create enough intrigue for them to click on your video. 

The default thumbnail is a randomly taken frame from your upload video. While this might be the more convenient method, it might result in less than flattering images such as you talking with your eyes half closed and mouth in a weird shape (probably not the best option). 

The alternative is to create a custom thumbnail, including an image that arouses curiosity or gives a brief impression on what to expect. In addition, you can include captions to emphasise the topic of your video.  

Audio Quality

Important pointer in videography - People can excuse you for poor visuals. But with poor audio effects, the video is all but useless and a waste of production time. 

Even if you are positioned near the camera, audio distortions such as room echoes and other people breathing can hinder the audio recording. 

Therefore I recommend you invest in a set of lapel microphone (see image above). It is typically linked from the camera and the mike part is clipped onto your shirt. From which you can continue speaking as per normal. 

If you plan to speak to the camera from long distance or move around during the shoot, a wireless microphone could be a better option. This functionality comes with a higher price tag, typically costing above $800. 


Lighting is critical to producing a video that comes across as both presentable and credible to the viewer. Just like good photography, you want to ensure that the lighting rays are landing on your face with the right intensity. 

Positioning the lighting source from the back of your head would result in your facial features being darken. That has the effect similar to showcasing an evil character in a movie! 

If you are unable to manipulate the position of your light source, then changing your positioning is the next best option. 


Over To You

Here are some key tips to kickstarting your Youtube channel, starting with the channel branding and shooting your first video. 

Any other questions setting up your channel? Do let us know in the comments below. 

Andrew Ford

Marketing expert Andrew Ford, the founder of Social Star, has discovered the secret of ‘Powerful Branding’. With a fire for unleashing people’s inner brand and developing business models to generate profit from an individual’s passions, Andrew leverages ground-breaking digital and social media marketing techniques to create digital strategies for clients to attract maximum opportunities. Having established a strong name for himself in the field, Andrew blends traditional business techniques with now-necessary tools for entrepreneurs to achieve scale, quality, and influence in their niche. Andrew’s comprehensive business background and qualifications consist of a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) (RMIT 2003), a Graduate Certificate in Management (MBA Executive Program, University of Sydney 2005), and a Masters of Entrepreneurship and Innovation (Swinburne University 2011). Continually on the cutting edge of his own education, Andrew has tested his marketing theories in forums such as the BCG Business Strategy Competition, which he won in 2005 against all Victorian MBA schools, and the Venture Cup Business Plan Competition (Swinburne University 2003), which he won in the Masters category. With experience working at Hewlett-Packard, Sensis (Telstra) and IBM, Andrew also has mentored dozens of junior staffs to help them achieve their professional goals. Meeting and influencing high-profile public figures helped Andrew to realise just how many professionals require more understanding and control of their public brands or appearance, and need help with the skills to use the many amazing free tools at their disposal to generate success. At Social Star, Andrew consults with clients to uncover their personal brand – both where it is today and where it can be tomorrow – and refine and define how that should be displayed in social media in order to attract their perfect target audience. Andrew mentors his clients to rapidly grow their business’ audiences, resulting in larger potential client bases and higher revenue. Applying formulas that integrate over twenty years of Andrew’s business experience and fifteen years of formal business education, Social Star specialises in building clarity and velocity for clients’ brands using the ‘Understand, Build and Leverage’ methodology. ‘Having a Personal Business enables people to have an authentic, congruent connection with their valued clients and partners, using their brand as the bridge,’ says Andrew. ‘I’m highly driven to work with the new breed of entrepreneurs and small business owners – people who have a passion for making the world a better place. Traditional business models are stepping aside as people follow their innermost dreams and my role is to see them operate within their values while creating wealth. Some people think you have to sacrifice what you love to be successful in your business, yet it is actually the opposite. Follow your passion and success will come.’ Lecturing at Swinburne University from 2009 to 2011 on brand dynamics and digital marketing, presenting at numerous conferences, and consulting to hundreds of clients, Andrew has seen his philosophy work that if you follow your unique path, based on your skills, experience, values and goals, you will automatically attract the opportunities you desire and achieve the success you deserve. Living his mantra, Andrew has created a successful business and attracts high-profile clients including musicians, athletes, authors, models, entrepreneurs, professionals and small business owners, helping them find their ‘why’ in their business and fulfilment in their lives. Business for Andrew is more than work, it’s personal. Running a personal business means that he is able to fulfil all of his values rather than separating his life from work. It supports his two boys while providing social opportunities, educational development, fitness opportunities, spiritual fulfilment and many valuable friendships. Social Star has now become the vehicle for Andrew to crystallise his mission in the world, to help people love what they do, supporting his ‘why’, that if more people loved what they did, the world would be a better place.