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Social Star university

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Powerful training to support your branding…

Being your own boss can be liberating! You get to manage your own time, which to me represents true freedom and a better lifestyle. Yet it comes with responsibility and challenges, so it's important to match your business to your values and personality to ensure you will be inspired to do the work.

The Launch in 12 weeks system has been designed specifically for busy professionals wanting to break out on their own. The 12 week training program has three core sections:

1) Understand: has four modules get clear on what you really want to do. It examines your values, personality, lifestage and resources to ensure the business we set up is going to fit you like no job could. This will ensure you are inspired to do the work as you love the process and it fits around your life, not the other way around.

2) Build: has four modules to assists you with the digital set up of your business. It educates you regarding LinkedIn, Social Media, Websites and SEO. You are the main person in the business so having a powerful personal branding is vital and content is part of our trade marked e-ttraction™ system.

3) Leverage: has four modules to help you get clients: connections, content, pitch and close. It gives you a content marketing system to engage clients and help them on the journey to buy your products.

I highly recommend starting the business part time if you are working currently. Consider it a side business until it produces enough revenue to sustain your lifestyle.

If you have been retrenched it's a great time to start a business based on your expertise as it can earn some cash whilst you consider getting full time employment.

Either way you look at it, unpacking your knowledge and articulating it online makes you more valuable to any employer. It helps you take control of your career.

You can purchase each module separately or as part of a bundle.

Join the course today and have a new business in only 12 weeks!

BONUS: Free PDF copy of Andrew Ford's book 'Creating a Powerful Brand'

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