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Exclusive Offer - Personal branding for Business

Leverage your business & personal brand to stand out in your industry

About our Partner

social star - personal branding
  • Social Star is a Melbourne based Digital Marketing Agency With A Personal Approach.
  • We help motivated & experienced professionals start their own businesses with digital marketing & powerful personal branding.
  • We work to Understand your true passion, Build your online profile & digital assets, help you Leverage your brand to attract the opportunities, clients & jobs you want.  
social star - personal branding

Why Personal Branding?

  • For career seekers & professionals, the job market is getting increasingly competitive. Hiring managers are able to access large talent pools locally & globally at lower cost. You have to be online where they are looking to get these opportunities? If you do get found, how do you capture the attention and stand out from the crowd? 
  • For business owners, running a business is challenging. You start out thinking you will spend most of your time helping clients with your professional service, but you find yourself having to spend hours in sales & marketing plus be an IT guru. How do you stand out and make it easy?

Some of the best jobs opportunities and the best clients can’t be found or searched for, they have to find you. According to Google, 80% of people will do their research on anyone recommended to them prior to making contact for the first time. That means people are Googling you regularly; whether you like it or not.

The starting point is to know what your online brand is, right now.

  • Simply type your name into Google and you will see what others see. Can you even be found?
  • What is the top link? Does it represent what you would like your potential employers or customers to see? 


The bigger challenge is how you use & leverage "your brand" to attract the opportunities you want.

By learning how to package my expertise online, I was able to position myself as an authority in my field and attract more referrals.
— — Lisa Middleton - Sports Dietitian

About The Offer

personal branding package

Personal Branding Package for Business

This package is especially designed for professionals and small business owners to create more values & attract more opportunities from their personal brands.

Package includes:

  • Understand the Foundation of Personal Branding.
  • Know thyself. Understand your personality, value, strengths & resources. Identify your current brand and the brand you wish to have.
  • Build Digital Assets to communicate your brand with your target audience:
    • Full LinkedIn Profile Revamp
    • Professional photoshoot & biography
    • Creating a website that converts sales
  • Amplify your business & personal brand to get recognised online & attract more opportunities:
    • Powerful Pitch & Online Connection
    • Content Marketing & basic social media & digital marketing
    • Sales Strategy

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