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Personal Branding Package (Silver) (inc. 10% GST)

Digital products page (1).png
Digital products page (1).png

Personal Branding Package (Silver) (inc. 10% GST)


The Personal Brand Foundations package from Social Star provides new entrepreneurs with everything they require to start their new business.

Designed specifically for corporate escapees wanting to fast track their expertise into a consulting business. You have the knowledge but need the digital assets to kick-start your marketing and sales process. This package will provide all the guidance and digital set up required to start selling your true value.

The Silver package includes 3 months of the e-ttraction process to build your online assets and 3 months of coaching to achieve your revenue and business goals.

"Andrew, is a delight to work with. His deep subject matter expertise has been spot on and helped me steer my business where I want it to go. A huge thanks! I wholeheartedly recommend Andrew and his team.


Elise Burch - HR with a Dash of Legal"

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