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Personal website (plus 10% GST)

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Digital products page.png

Personal website (plus 10% GST)


A personal website is the only digital real estate you can own. LinkedIn is your gateway to access new clients and staff, but you can't control it. We match a great LinkedIn profile with a personal website to securely house your personal brand assets. 

The website is www.yourname.com.au and is designed to increase your personal SEO (how Google ranks your name). It is a maximum of 5x pages: home, about, business, blog and contact. 

"We have recently made radical changes to our business model and needed to address issues around marketing the new concepts.

Quickly realising that we needed expert advice around branding, positioning, advertising and the use of ‘Social Media’, we met with Andrew to discuss how he could assist in achieving our goals.

Andrew very quickly grasped our concepts, understood the business model, what we were endeavouring to achieve and provided the expert advice we were seeking.

More than this, Andrew’s common sense, business acumen and understanding of modern marketing channels and techniques were a key part in the success of the new model.

Andrew’s people were excellent – young, talented, full of fresh ideas and loads of energy.

We are delighted with our new Web Site, the electronic media advertising worked very well and our social media plan is an ongoing part of our marketing strategy.

Colin Barr
Barr McIntosh"


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