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Personal Branding Accelerator 1/2 Day 1:1 (inc. 10% GST)

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Personal Branding Accelerator 1/2 Day 1:1 (inc. 10% GST)


In four hours, we will help you build an effective marketing strategy to generate more leads for your business leveraging your personal brand. 

We will cover:

- Understanding what your key value proposition is

- How to apply this key message to your online brand through social media and websites

- How to create an effective marketing and sales funnel to attract business to you

It is a personal session with 1:1 advice and a bespoke content and marketing plan for your brand and business.

Please check the Social Star website for availability.

"Andrew is a highly professional expert on brand presence and social media. His innovative approach and genuine advice is invaluable for anyone looking to take their business or personal brand to the next level. It's refreshing to do business with someone with such a positive, common sense attitude and some practical ideas you can implement straight away. I would highly recommend Andrew for anyone wanting to get a handle on their online presence.

Erica Liston - CEO The Henley Club"

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