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Launch in 12 Weeks - Group 3 month Course

Launch in 12 Weeks,Social Star, shopping cart.png
Launch in 12 Weeks,Social Star, shopping cart.png

Launch in 12 Weeks - Group 3 month Course


Designed for corporate escapees and new business owners, struggling to get sales. This is a super practical course which is all about developing consistent revenue so you can then create the business assets you need to grow.

Includes three days of training: 

- Wednesday, February 14th, Kick off and Understand workshop

- Wednesday, March 14th, Photo shoot and Build workshop

- Wednesday, April 18th, Leverage workshop

Includes: LinkedIn Photo, Biography, LinkedIn revamp, Pitch training

Sales mapping and much more...

"Andrew has a deep and detailed knowledge of social media and how to harness it for business outcomes. I first worked with Andrew when we were both at IBM, where I saw him present at a management conference and was struck by this knowledge and his skill at communicating it to the uninitiated. In my current role, I have engaged Andrew and his company Social Star to work with me on incorporating this approach into my own personal and company branding, and am delighted with the results so far.

Carol Benton - Founder Words 2 Win"

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