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Personal Brand Workshop (inc. 10% GST)

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Personal Brand Workshop (inc. 10% GST)


A 90 minute coaching session with a Social Star Personal Brand Coach will provide you with a roadmap of how to build your brand to achieve your goals. 

Using the e-ttraction methodology developed by Andrew Ford, we will help you Understand your brand essence, how to Build a powerful digital presence and a formula to Leverage your brand to achieve your financial goals.

"Getting past the fear of exploring my options in career & my life was made easy by booking a face to face personal branding session with Social Star's Andrew Ford. I found great confidence after being walked through how to get past the fear. Since taking up ideas Andrew suggested I've resigned from my previous Government employer, moved to a private company, to be promoted in less than a month to a General Managers role. Assisted the Private Company with their 5 existing businesses, created a new one which was cash flow positive from day one & bumped online income massively, preventing a cash flow crisis. 

I highly recommend Andrew in his ability to understand and guide people, additionally in his understanding and encouragement which goes beyond what I've experienced before. If you decide to make a change in your business or personal situation, get in contact with Andrew as soon as he has time, you won't regret it. Where Andrew has taken me to so far is simply an amazing alternative to what I may have still been living if it were not for Andrew and his team. 

Edwin Reese"

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