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Personal Brand Support

This Premium Marketing Support Package is designed to assist busy professionals and small business owners build an end-to-end digital eco-system to attract more leads and referrals.

Package Price From: $2,500 plus GST


  1. Goals and Measurements
  2. Audit current assets
  3. Build marketing structure
  4. Build Assets
  5. Create Connections and Content Plan
  6. Execute Plan
  7. Report and workshops
  8. Revise and Execute

Step 1 - Goals and Measures

Step 1 is to review your goals for the business over the next 12 months. Personal goals, business goals and financial goals are all measured and form the basis of the marketing plan and structures.

Outcome: one-page goals and measures plan.

Step 2 - Audit current Assets

Assets save you time by doing the work for you. Websites, ebook, social media, videos, blog posts, all can be consumed while you sleep. We need to know what you have and see what is missing before starting the marketing.

Outcome: Produce a list of assets to build. (*)

(*) Additional assets required will be quoted.

Step 3 - Build marketing structure

The marketing structure for Professionals is a combination of the assets we develop:

  • LinkedIn as the main medium to outreach to clients;
  • Content to engage them
  • Website to capture details
  • eBooks to educate them 
  • E-mail automation to keep them informed 

Outcome: marketing structure

Step 4 - Building Assets

To execute the marketing structure,you will need quality assets. After the audit and planning phase, we will provide a list of assets required and help you build them. The better the assets, the better the results.

Outcome: a list of assets to be provided.

Step 5 - Connection and Content Plan

The Connection and Content Plan is the main activity to generate leads. This part of the process will be to plan what the exact consumer is and how to best reach them, then what specific content we need to produce to build trust and credibility.

Outcome: a detailed Connection and Content Plan

Step 6 - Execution of plan

The execution of the plan is where we make the theory real and test the assumptions made in the planning process. Who will do what, when, and measure the results of the activity compared to Goals.

Outcome: results compared to goals.

Step 7 - Reporting and Workshops

Regular reports will be agreed upon in the measures phase. These will be distributed on a regular basis and discussed in the workshops to assess progress to plan.

Outcome: tracking reports.

Step 8: Review and Execute

The process of marketing is half art and half science. We know what processes work. The X factor in the success of the plan is the quality of brand fit to market. This needs to be refined over time to generate efficiency and working together towards the goals is the only way to achieve the best results.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Support with social media and LinkedIn optimization for 1x personal and 1x business brand
  • 10 x Squarespace website changes per month (equivalent of 4 hours of work max)
  • Monthly 60 minute marketing strategy sessions via phone or at Social Star office.
  • Access to Social Star University 
  • Hubspot advice and support
  • Excludes any third party subscription fees (Squarespace, GoDaddy, Hubspot etc.) or any other service fees.
  • Minimum of 3 months commitment
  • Auto billing required