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Business & Education Finance

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Sometimes businesses need some additional cash to makes ends meet. This could be taking a business course, adding more inventory, paying wages or even an ATO payment. You might want to build a new website to grow your business. There are many ways to structure loans to suit your particular needs.

Social Star has partnered with Finance Mark to offer you the most suitable financial solutions and advice.


Right Price

Right Product

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The key to getting the right price for your finance is having access to many specialist providers. No matter what the finance is for we have a range of available finance products that will suit your particular situation. Mark does this by having access to dozens of lenders rather than just one or two options.

Getting finance is easy, getting the right advice is not. Talking to someone who has over a decade of experience and has financed over 3,000 loans can make all the difference. A loan can give you the asset you want, but does it provide you the best solution. Mark is someone you can trust with the right advice.

Chattel mortgage, SSA, novated lease, consumer loans, equipment loans, corporate hire purchases - the variety of finance options can do your head in! Just tell us what you want, who you are and we will chat through the options with you. In plain terms, with no jargon. It's all about service where we do it for you. 

About our Partner

Mark Purves

Mark Purves  is a finance broker and buyers’ advocate with a difference. He sources both commercial and consumer finance, so can assist with both business and personal purchases. 

Mark Purves is a finance broker and buyers’ advocate with a difference. He sources both commercial and consumer finance, so can assist with both business and personal purchases. 

With a deep knowledge and understanding that purchasing a property and other large assets are some of the most important investments that people make, Mark’s aim is to make it as pain-free and risk-free as possible. 

Whilst Mark recognises that things like insurance premium funding, debtor funding options or finance solutions for a car, truck, piece of machinery can be dry, his colourful personality and great communication skills set him apart. Mark easily connects with his clients in way that fosters confidence and trust. He gets a great deal of satisfaction from helping people and will always make himself available to his clients. 

As well organising finance for asset purchases, acting on behalf of clients in the negotiation phase, he has a vast industry network from his years in the real estate industry, and can provide you with strategic connections to enhance your asset acquisitions. Having worked in real estate for nearly fifteen years prior to moving into finance, his advice is informed by years of experience. 

Mark’s excellent communication skills mean that he is able to tease out exactly what his client is seeking. He is outcome focussed so he works meticulously with his client’s goal as his guide. Mark’s clients are always aware of what’s coming, there are never any surprises because he provides ongoing communication around the transaction.Mark ensures that no stone is unturned in matching his service with his client’s needs.

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