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Learn how to start a new business and get your first client in only 12 weeks! 



Designed for mature entrepreneurs wanting to Build Their Own Businesses, the Launch in 12 Week program is specifically designed to take you on a marketing and sales masterclass to test your ideas and develop a strong foundation to launch your own business.

Whether you are a corporate escapees wanting to craft a new life after decades of building your expertise in a niche area, an executive wanting to experiment with a side hustle business or a new business owners wanting to make sales easier.

This is a super practical 90 day course is all about providing you expert advice, real life tools and support to assist you in developing the personal and business assets to grow an effective business.

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It's more than a learning course, it's a doing course. The format is designed to make your investment back before the end of the 12 weeks, providing you follow the advice and do the work!

You will learn:

  • How to choose your ideal target market,

  • How to create a business based on your expertise and experience,

  • How to generate sustainable leads,

  • How to pitch for business, funding and staff,

  • How to build a powerful brand that attracts referrals,

  • Marketing systems that work for small business,

  • Sales processes that are simple and effective and much more...

What you get is:

  • Weekly online training sessions with Social Star founder Andrew Ford

  • Three full days of integration training to apply the learning and build your business

  • Three months of e-ttraction coaching to support you in building your business

  • Access to our exclusive e-ttraction templates specifically designed for corporate escapees

  • Graduation party!

  • On successful graduation, a guest on the ‘Build Your Own Business’ Podcast

  • Access to the ‘Build Your Own Business’ Facebook group

Our commitment is that if you follow our guidance and do the work, you will make back your investment in 12 weeks.

As legendary entrepreneur Guy Kawasaki says...

Guy Kawasaki and Andrew Ford

"There are only two important things in entrepreneurship Andrew, making something and selling something."

Guy Kawasaki



Learn the e-ttraction Methodology


Social Star Personal Branding Process - Understand
  • Understand the foundations of personal branding & what makes a powerful brand online.
  • Know thyself. Understand your personality, value, strengths & resources.
  • Identify your current brand and the brand you wish to have.
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  • Build Digital Assets to communicate your brand with your target audience:
    • Revamp your LinkedIn Profile
    • Write a website brief that converts sales
    • Learn simple digital marketing
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  • Amplify your business & personal brand to get recognised online & attract more opportunities:
    • Powerful Pitch
    • Online Connection
    • Content Marketing
    • Sales Strategy

What can a Powerful Personal Profile & Business Brand do?


beat the competition

  • Your name will be more visible, come up in conversations & search results.

  • You stand out from the crowd & attract more opportunities.

  • A clear brand gives your clients the defining reason to choose you over the rest.


24/7 Business Pitch

  • You never know when you will be referred by a friend or client or when someone is looking you up, so ensure your profile is always ready.

  • When you are sleeping, on holidays or working with clients. Your online profile is pitching to your potential clients on your behalf.


Increase Your Credibility

  • A visible, powerful & authentic profile attract the right clients, the best teams and best opportunities.

  • It unlocks higher revenues, greater profits and demand in your industry.

  • Instead of chasing opportunities, you attract them.

Presented by

Andrew Ford

  • Author of "Creating a Powerful Brand"
  • Founder of Closest Beer, Tribe Digital & Social Star
  • Masters in Entrepreneurship & Personal Branding Expert
  • Lecture at RMIT, Swinburne & Monash Universtiy
  • Global marketing experience with HP, IBM & Sensis
Andrew Ford

Words From our previous Attendees

Yesterday was so great, it was gold. Once again, thank you for being such a sensitive, empathetic and generous teacher. Also, it was great to meet so many interesting people, I enjoyed it very much.

I learnt so many things about how social media can work for my business.
— Annie Hall - Threekookaburras - Attendee
Andrew has been an incredible mentor and support for me in the early stages of my business. His open and authentic approach to his work (and life, for that matter!) makes him very personable and easy to like. He truly cares about his clients and helping others.
— Carol Benton - Words 2 Win

Next Course launching soon!

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Kick off webinar

Week one - Review ‘Values’ eLeaning course - 1st webinar

Week two - Review ‘Personality’ eLeaning course - 2nd webinar

Week three - Review ‘Lifestage’ eLeaning course - 3rd webinar

Week four - Review ‘Resources’ eLeaning course - 4th webinar

1st Integration Day

Week five - Review ‘LinkedIn’ eLeaning course- 5th webinar

Week six - Review ‘Social Media’ eLeaning course - 6th webinar

Week seven - Review ‘SEO’ eLeaning course - 7th webinar

Week eight - Review ‘Websites’ eLeaning course - 8th webinar

2nd Integration Day

Week nine - Review ‘Connections’ eLeaning course - 9th webinar

Week ten - Review ‘Content’ eLeaning course - 10th webinar

Week eleven - Review ‘Pitch’ eLeaning course -11th webinar

Week twelve - Review ‘Close’ eLeaning course -12th webinar

3rd Integration Day

(graduation party!)


$5,000 plus GST once


$550 plus GST per month for 11 months


The Circle, 4 Bloomburg St, Collingwood

VIC 3066, Australia


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Open Date

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September, 2019


$5,500 inc GST 

Melbourne, Australia

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Terms & Conditions:

  • There is online pre-work required before starting this course so at least 2-4 weeks is recommended to complete this prior to the course starting. You can see the pre-work at Social Star University

  • If you are unable to attend due to an emergency a place will be provided for the next course. This extension will expire in 12 months from date of the first course

  • Payment: A $500 deposit is required to secure your place in the ‘Launch in 12 Weeks’ course and get access to the pre-learning

  • Balance of payment is required prior to closing date

  • No refunds will be given to deposits