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One of the hardest things to master when it comes to growing your business is how to find your target market and engage them to become clients. 

How do you reach your market? How do your ideal clients find you? What is a sales call and, how do you go from pitching your idea to actually signing a client? 

Some might say that developing a business plan is the easy part, the challenge comes in communicating your idea to the right people so that hiring you is a no-brainer for them. 

This unique event will feature experts from two widely different sales techniques. Using an old-fashioned public debate model, the two will discuss the benefits of each and take audience questions about their strategies. Our goal is to make sure that all business owners walk away with ideas and methods to starting closing sales and growing the client base. 

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The Speakers

Andrew Ford, social star, ettraction, sales event.png

Andrew Ford

After a decade of leading the digital marketing strategies for some of the world's largest companies, Andrew turned his attention to discovering how people could best use social media and digital technologies to lead more fulfilling lives.

Andrew has completed several business degrees, lectured at Australia's most prestigious Universities and worked for global corporations in international marketing roles. He is on the cutting edge of digital marketing and social media advising high profile celebrities and senior executives on personal branding and digital strategy.

Jordon D'urbano, social star, sales event.png

Jordan D’Urbano

Sales expert, speaker and business owner, Jordan is the Founder of The Independent Closers Group. Jordan's passion is helping successful coaches and consultants scale their businesses through running a done for you sales service. Having trained some of the top real estate, education and start up sales teams, Jordan has the reputation to back up his 6+ years of experience in sales. Host to the podcast called "Game Of Sales" where he interviews highly recognised sales experts and professionals and creator of "The High Paying Approach" mastermind for entrepreneurs, Jordan loves his work in helping businesses increase sales.

Event Partner - The Circle

The Circle is a community for dreamers and doers. We deeply believe being in the right circle of people is the key for any business to succeed. We provide collaborative work spaces and supportive services. Everything we do is to push you to be successful. Learn more at www.circlecowork.com.

Photos from the event

A big thank you to Edwin Reece for the photography on the night.