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e-ttraction worksheets

Download and use these worksheets to assist you in becoming more e-ttractive.

e-ttraction marketing plan_Social Star_image.png

Social Star e-ttraction marketing plan

This plan is an overview of your entire brand plan. It’s designed to capture the e-ttraction 12 step process in one simple sheet. Print it off in A3 and hang it on the wall in your workspace to remind you of your mission. Download a copy here and learn how to use it at Social Star University or send the team a message with questions.

e-ttraction pitch template_Social Star_image.png

e-ttraction Pitch template

The e-ttraction pitch template is one of the key sections of the marketing plan. the tip of the spear as I call it, your pitch is an essential element of your referral marketing activity and first priority you should work on. We run regular pitch workshops or have a look at Social Star University for some formal training.

e-ttraction sales funnel_Social Star_image.png

e-ttraction sales template

The e-ttraction sales process is a simple but effective way of creating a robust strategy for your business. It assists you calculate the number prospects you need at stage of the sales cycle and the corresponding content to aid them down the funnel. To book a workshop to review your funnel click here.

e-ttraction Content Planner

e-ttraction content planner Social Star image.png

The e-ttraction Content Planner is a way to plan your specific content schedule for your personal brand. There are five main types of content we can share: your unique IP, Statistics, Sharing others content, Promoting Others and Sale of your products. This is a great starting point for those who need some structure to their weekly posts.