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Social Star e-books

Creating A Powerful Brand


A step by step process of how  to construct your personal brand by starting on the right social media platforms and uncovering your brand personality as knowing thyself is the first step towards a fulfilling life.

Digital e-ttraction for your business & Career

10 Personal Marketing Tips

This e-book will take you through the top ten ways to build and manage an e-ttractive and compelling online brand so clients, job offers and other opportunities find you. Stop chasing and start e-ttracting!

Personal Brand Calculator

Personal Brand Calculator

We all have an online presence, whether it’s FB or a LinkedIn profile. The starting point is to understand how you are seen online right now and how to control it to attract the opportunities you want. Check out how strong your brand is with this calculator.

LinkedIn Tips


Step by step guidance to build a professional LinkedIn profile to showcase your credibility, position you as a leader in your industry to attract more career or business opportunities.

From Passion to Profits

This blueprint contains a systematic roadmap you can implement today - from generating a profitable business idea that excites you to getting your first client.

Create your Personal Brand Statement


Learn how to craft a powerful Personal Brand Statement that positions you as the go-to person in your niche, grabs the attention of your customers, attract the more referrals.

Tips To Select A Good Business Idea

Uncovering your motivations & core drivers, assess your resources & the profitability of your market to identify a key starting points; choose the right idea & build a unique business. Avoid unnecessary money loss and stress down the road!

The art of pitching


Attending networking events but still not generating referrals? It could be due to your pitch. A proven five-step structure to polish your pitch, differentiate you from the competition & maximising impact and relevance.

SEO Myths you should know


What is an SEO in the first place? We see multiple updates per year from Google – including this year’s major Penguin update in September 2016, which made the rewarding of high- quality websites in search results a part of its core algorithm. Uncover 18 myths that surround SEO how it can help with your business. 

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