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Content & Social Media Publishing Process

  • Social Star will invite the client to join a shared Dropbox folder where the client shares the weekly content with us.
  • Content will be posted and promoted as per pre-planned Content Marketing Calendar. (Template here).

Standard schedule & process is as below:

  1. The latest blog post will be published on LinkedIn FORTNIGHTLY, on a chosen day & time (Wednesday afternoon - 4:30pm is recommended)
    • Post includes: an image to go with blog with overlay of client's logo (if any)
    • Adding SEO keywords/tags/categories accordingly.
    • Adding Call-to-action at the bottom of all blogs. (including a line separating the content from the CTA, a picture and words with a link.) 
    • If a name of a person or company is mentioned, we will create a hyperlink to their website or LinkedIn profile if appropriate.
  2. The latest blog post is also published on the client's personal website that Social Star is managing (It's Hubspot for some clients with Hubspot account)
  3. An email will be sent out to the client's database to promote the new blog on the next day. 
  4. Three (3) social media posts will be created and scheduled to go out on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ over the following days of the same week before the next blog is posted. (As per scheduled calendar)
  5. In the week off we will be creating additional content for sales messages etc. Posts are to be written in client's tone of voice!
  • If appropriate for that client, then boost Facebook blog posts to the budget they have agreed. This is on a client by client basis.
  • Prior to each next blog post. Review previous blog post results on each channel and record in client spreadsheet. (Or report generated by Hubspot).