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Cathryn Mahon Social Star mentor.jpeg

Cathryn Mahon - Personal Brand Coach

With Cathryn as your BYOB Coach you will get the ultimate in accountability, she will guide you step by step in setting up solid foundations for your business. You will work together through all of your personal and business barriers to make sure you succeed! 

Cathryn’s intention through coaching is to help you navigate your way from a Start-Up to a Sustainable Business as quickly as possible. She has worked with many start-ups from Photographers & Personal Stylist to Retail Stores & Wholesale Suppliers. The processes are the same how quickly you want to move through the steps is up to you.

Coaching is a great way to lay out all your thoughts, ideas, challenges and successes, you will work together to create action plans to turn the challenges in successes, excel current successes and bring this energy across the whole business.