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Build Your Own Business - Podcast


Andrew Ford is a corporate escapee turned entrepreneur. After years working in large global businesses and assembling a mountain of knowledge in the digital, marketing and branding areas, he decided to follow his heart and launch his own consulting business Social Star.

Now he helps other successful corporate employees develop their own passion businesses using his e-ttraction model of marketing. In the Build Your Own Business show, Andrew interviews ordinary people who have left a job they hate to run a business they love. What worked, what didn't and the nitty gritty details of how to start a business based on your knowledge and passion.

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BYOB34_Andrew Ford_final.png

CEO of the Synergen Group, Julian Carle, joins us in Episode 34 of the Build Your Own Business Podcast to talk to us about timelines for starting a business from scratch, time allocation for sales, business development and more. He also shares his journey from university to quitting corporate and starting his own business. Be inspired and listen now.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The services of the Synergen Group and how they help people.

  • Julian’s educational background and his love for the arts.

  • His interesting corporate journey.

  • The turning point in his career and how he realized that he wasn’t for the corporate world.

  • How long he’s been running his business now.

  • Tips on how to run your business without you.

  • Timelines for starting a business.

  • Time allocation for sales.

  • How Julian does business development.

  • More about Julian’s book “Give Back Lead Forward: Why Every Leader Should Be a Mentor and Have a Mentor” and podcast “Synergen Leadership Podcast”

  • Would he do this all over again?

  • His top tips for individuals in this precipice.


Synergen Group

Julian Carle LinkedIn


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Risk Management Expert, Lyndon Holland, joins us today in Episode 33 of the Build Your Own Business Podcast. Lyndon will share his knowledge and expertise on insurance and how to handle risks in your business and personal life. His 35-year experience and training in the insurance industry has allowed him to protect his clients’ business success with risk management programs and insurance advice over the years.

What is covered in this episode:

  • A background of what Lyndon does.

  • Lyndon’s job experiences and his transition to what he is doing today.

  • How he offered his products to his clients when he was starting in the industry.

  • Stories about how he helped his clients with their insurance coverages.

  • Things that we need to know about insurance.

  • Findings and implications for business owners.

  • Getting a free consultation from Lyndon.

  • His transition from working for someone in insurance to starting his own business.

  • Highs and lows Lyndon has experienced in his career.

  • How to know when you need to talk to a professional about insurance.

  • Lyndon’s advice for people who want to leave corporate.


CBD Insurance Services Website

Lyndon Holland LinkedIn

Lyndon Holland Email


BYOB32_Andrew Ford_final.png

In this solo episode, Andrew talks about the 3 main ways to scale a consultancy business over time. Tips and advice to use your knowledge to make more income than time per hour. We discuss the 3 stages of growing a consultancy business which are personal branding, business branding, and product innovation. Andrew shares his personal experiences with his business and gives us tips on how to improve your consultancy business.

Links mentioned in today’s episode:

BYOB Social Club Website


BYOB31_Andrew Ford_final.png

New personal brand coach of Social Star, Elva Li, joins us in Episode 31 of the Build Your Own Business Podcast. Elva shares her inspiring story from growing up in Shanghai, moving to Australia to pursue further studies, and then quitting her job and following her passion. Her work today involves helping female entrepreneurs, like her,  create a personal brand that makes them feel confident online so that they can stand out from the crowd and attract their dream clients.

What is covered in this episode:

  • The services that Elva offers.

  • Elva’s first paying job, her educational background, and her exposure to her parent’s business.

  • The reason why she chose to study in Australia.

  • How her exposure to small and starting businesses and high-end net worth clients helped her.

  • How high net worth people think and do things differently.

  • The story of her transition from accountant to being a health coach and now a personal branding expert.

  • The most impactful groups that she recommends.

  • Her passion for creating websites for entrepreneurs.

  • The story of quitting her job, pursuing her passion for personal branding and her vision for the future.

  • Advice for people who are still employed but want to become a successful entrepreneur.


Elva Li Website

Elva Li LinkedIn

Elva Li Instagram


BYOB30_Andrew Ford_final.png

In this solo episode of the Build Your Own Business Podcast, Andrew talks about his plans for the launch of the BYOB Social Club where aspiring business owners can get involved, catch up with peers and like-minded people to form a community to help each other build their own business. One of the goals of the club is to address issues and the challenges that new corporate escapees face when starting out and provide overall support from social events, advice, to serious business talks. He gives us an overview of how the group will be formed, how it will work and how you can be involved.


BYOB Social Club Facebook


BYOB29_Andrew Ford_final.png

Elliott works on a different flavor of project management. He drives positive organisational change through the delivery of fit for purpose services & solutions for companies. He has worked with well-known companies to transform their finance, IT and design practices. In this episode, he joins us to share his journey from being a corporate employee to building his own consulting business.


What is covered in this episode:

  • Elliott's business services and who he works with.

  • The project outcome differences of construction and IT projects.

  • Reasons why IT projects fail.

  • Elliots work background and how he transitioned into what he is doing today.

  • The best way to get jobs or clients and how this relates to the importance of building your network and brand.

  • What’s next for Elliot.

  • Tips for people who want to start a consulting business

  • Elliott's advice for people who are still working full time and want to jump into business.


Links Mentioned:

Elliott O’Dea-Joyce Website

Elliott O’Dea-Joyce LinkedIn


BYOB 28.png

In this episode, Andrew discusses step 3 of leveraging your digital profile which is pitching. He goes through the Etraction pitching methodology and how it relates to the sales and content models.


What is covered in this episode:

  • What is pitching?

  • The 5-step pitching methodology that Andrew uses and the explanation for each stage.

  • His explanation of the 3 important middle steps of the pitching methodology to help you communicate with your prospective clients: Problem, Solution, Why you?

  • The first and last steps of the methodology: Tease and What’s Next is where he discusses how to tease people, make them interested and ask more about what you do.

  • Andrew walks us through how he pitches his business to other people in real life situations and how you can apply this to your own pitch



Lynn Garbers, President of Eagle Achievements, shares her story from being an enterprising kid at the age of 8 to having a business and becoming a successful coach. She has educated herself through the process and has gone through several career switches before ending up doing what she really loved. And in this episode, she shares with us her interesting journey that led her to where she is today.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Lynn’s background and the services she offers.

  • Her interesting job and entrepreneurial history.

  • Her turning point to having her own business and the story of how she became a coach.

  • The strategies she uses in her services.

  • A background on her clients.

  • Lynn’s advice for people who want to develop their career.

Links Mentioned:

Eagle Achievements




In this solo episode, we cover the step 2 of leveraging your digital profile by producing content that is helpful, valuable and creates traction. We discuss the importance of what, where and why we need to post your content.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Things you need to know about the business and business owner before creating their content

  • Kinds of content that businesses can make and recommendations for creating video, blogs and posts.

  • Starting and posting blogs to help your SEO.

  • How to choose which social media platform to use when posting your content.

  • The importance of having your target audience understand what you do.

  • Ideas to help you attract and gravitate people towards your business.

  • Framing content in the sales process.

  • The benefits of podcasting for your business.

  • Sneak peek on the next episode: Pitching


Mandy Nolton.png

Mandy Nolton, Founder of Rec Relief and Managing Director at Rec People, shares her story in this episode and talks about her journey from university to building her own business and the experiences she went through getting to where she is today. Mandy is very passionate about her work with local government in the recreation and leisure space. She is currently in the process of building her new business Rec People.


In this episode I cover:

  • Mandy’s business and services.

  • The story of her first job and how she was led to work in recreation.

  • The benefits of loving and enjoying what you do.

  • Business as a merged lifestyle with clients becoming friends.

  • Her journey to starting her own business.

  • Getting a business coach to help run her business.

  • How to know the right time to start a business.

  • The experience that taught Mandy to just push on and carry on despite challenges in her business and life.

  • Advice for people who want to start a business.



Rec Relief

Mandy Nolton LinkedIn

Darren Bourke Website


BYOB 24.png

In this solo episode, we will continue talking about the 12-step process of building your own business, becoming a corporate escapee and building the lifestyle you want. We will focus on the first stage of leveraging your digital profile and what we need to do in this part of the process.

What is covered in this episode:

  • What is the Leverage stage and how does it relate to the first stage of the process?

  • The reasons why businesses fail.

  • A discussion on the first stage of leveraging your digital profile - Connections.

  • Understanding and identifying your target market.

  • The importance of building connections.

  • 4 steps of the sales process.

Links mentioned in the show:

e-ttraction Templates


BYOB 23.jpg

Jordan D’Urbano, Director of Independent Closers Agency, joins us in this episode as we talk about his journey from starting as a coach, discovering his love for sales and then building his own business.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Jordan’s story of taking on his first paid job to building his own coaching business at 16 years old.

  • Andrew and Jordan share their personal experiences that encouraged them to build their own businesses.

  • The challenge he went through when he closed his first business, how this started his shift to sales and the experiences that led him to put up the Independent Closers agency.

  • The power of visualisation and how he applied this to his sales jobs and business.

  • The importance of choosing a business that fuels you.

  • Jordan’s tips for new business start-ups to help them succeed.

Links mentioned in the show:

Jordan D’Urbano Website

Jordan D’Urbano LinkedIn

Game of Sales Podcast


Untitled 2.png

In this episode, Tracey Rojko, owner of The Philosopher’s Stone, joins me as we talk about her journey and business. We discuss how she helps people open their minds to alternative ways in managing their emotions and gives them the advice and tools they need.

What is covered in this episode:

  • Tracey shares her personal experience on her son’s night terrors and how this started her search for alternatives to manage his emotions

  • What is Reiki Healing and what you get from a healing session

  • The story and outcome of her son’s Reiki Healing session

  • Tracey’s life story from childhood, getting married, having children, working and escaping the corporate life to build her business

  • Andrew shares his story and how he relates to Tracey’s story and experiences

  • The future for her business and how she wants to help people

Links mentioned in the show:

The Philosopher’s Stones Website

Tracey Rojko LinkedIn

The Philosopher’s Stones Email - customercare@thephilosophersstone.co


BYOB 21.jpg

In this episode, we’re going to talk about the very important topic of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. I will also touch on the topic of the Google universe at is it such an important part of the way you set up your business and the way people find you, particularly in Australia.

In this episode I cover:

  • The importance of winning the SEO search for your name specifically and how to do it

  • The difference between branding and digital marketing

  • How to have a strong presence for your name by having a personal website

  • The effect of SEO being geographically based when searching on search engines like Google

  • Discussion of the 5 main traits or primary source of SEO: URL, length of time, regular addition of content, having great and useful content for customers, number of site visitors

  • What Google looks at and why front page SEO is what counts nowadays

  • Sources for SEO tips

  • How having a Google+ profile, creating a Google business profile based on your Google+ profile and making sure you are on the map helps your business

Links mentioned in the show:


Ebook from Social Star - SEO Myths You Should Know

EPISODE 20 - Starting out online from his parents house Connor Gillivan built a remakable online business before shifting focus to freelancing talent


Today on the podcast I talk to Connor Gillivan who is the CMO of Freeeup.com. He is a young entrepreneur who has been successful in the internet space.







In this episode I cover:

  • Connor’s introduction about himself and the services of Freeup.com

  • His first entrepreneurial journey, what he studied in college and how he got into the digital space

  • The business partnership and agreement of FreeeUp’s owners and how they make it work

  • The transition from their Amazon business to opening Freeeup.com

  • Entrepreneurship as an assembly of quality assets and the different types of assets

  • Connor’s Book - Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies

  • What his parents think about his career

  • Connor’s opinion on how education affects future careers

  • Andrew’s story of wanting to work in business since he was young and his thoughts about the drive and challenges to succeed in business

  • Where Connor sees himself in the next 5 years

  • Examples of how the lack of building blocks and passion can dissolve or affect opportunities for businesses

  • Model of Andrew’s and Connor’s businesses and their staff members

  • The importance of time freedom

  • Connor’s advice to people who want to start an entrepreneurial journey


Links mentioned in the show:

Connor Gillivan LinkedIn

Connor Gillivan Website

Connor Gillivan Calendar

Connor Gillivan Book - Free Up Your Business: 50 Secrets to Bootstrap Million Dollar Companies

FreeeUp.com Website

FreeeUp Facebook Page

FreeeUp LinkedIn

FreeeUp Twitter

FreeeUp YouTube


byob 19png.jpg

Today on the podcast I talk about all personal social media - Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, etc. I exclude LinkedIn which is our primary business tool while everything else is optional.






In this episode I cover:

  • Why Facebook is a very attractive proposition and why it is the new world TV system

  • Advertising in Facebook based on analytics

  • 3 Types of Facebooks and the information you need to put in each of these

  • Using Instagram for specific businesses and the need for amazing content to cut through

  • Twitter as an amazing mechanism but is only good for certain things

  • Why Snapchat is not relevant to the daily person and for a regular business

  • Making YouTube an important repository of your videos and how it contributes to SEO

  • How Pinterest helps drive traffic to your website and lead people to find your products


Links mentioned in the show:


The E-ttractionist Facebook

Social Star Facebook




Today on the podcast I talk to Ben Carvosso, a coach for business owners, about his coaching business, taking pivots in your career and life and doing your life’s work.






In this episode I cover:

  • Work-Life Balance and why he doesn’t believe in it

  • Ben’s work and business journey and stories of his ups and downs

  • How he got clients in his chiropractic and radiology businesses by differentiating his businesses and services

  • How his personality and mindset drove the team in his chiropractic practice and vice versa

  • What drives Ben now that he doesn’t work with a team anymore

  • The importance of getting connected with purpose and mission

  • The interesting story of the start of his coaching business

  • Why we need to be attractive to others

  • How Ben came to do what he is doing now

  • Being Busy-less and getting your life’s worth

  • Helping clients with direction, purpose, and challenges

  • The process of working with people to navigate the turn they want

  • Andrew shares a story of his experience with taking a big turn in his life

  • The methodology of being a great CEO

  • The length and process of clients working with Ben

  • Ben’s thoughts on changing relationships

  • Making choices, taking responsibility and an amazing story about Ben impacting a client’s life

  • Excuses as a symptom of fear

  • Where is Ben now and his advice for people to do something different today


Links mentioned in the show:

Dr. Ben Carvosso Website

Andrew Ford LinkedIn Profile

Social Star Website



Today on the podcast I talk about my favorite social media, LinkedIn. We will talk about why LinkedIn is the best social media for aspiring entrepreneurs’ personal branding, how to use it and how to use it in conjunction with your other social media.





In this episode I cover:

  • How I discovered LinkedIn and realised its potential

  • What is LinkedIn and what it is not?

  • LinkedIn in the business context

  • How to build a great profile that represents your brand

  • First things that people look at in your profile and why

  • Three things to put in your banner

  • Engage and form trust using your biography

  • Talk about your business, products and services in the experience section

  • How and why all the parts of your profile should form a story about why you’re awesome at what you do today

  • Philosophical difference between branding and digital marketing

  • The people and clients you want to attract to your branded LinkedIn profiles

  • Two things you need to do to create engagement in LinkedIn


Links mentioned in the show:

My LinkedIn Profile

Social Star

EPISODE 16 -  Setting clear intentions for your career and business

BYOB 16.jpg

Today on the podcast I talk about Intentions - why it is a super important part of our process of setting our direction and achieving our goals. I also share information about how to set intentions, its impacts and what part of the 12-week process do we use it for.





In this episode I cover:

  • Intentions, its difference from goals, and where it is used in the 12-step process

  • Documenting your intentions

  • How intentions work when you’ve set them

  • Example of how intentions work

  • Why you need to set intentions of what you want and where you want to be

  • Intentions are thoughts that should be acted upon

  • The 4 steps for intentions that you should follow

  • The state of flow and building from there

  • The consequence of not doing the fundamentals correctly

EPISODE 15 - Building a business brand seems similar to a personal brand at first look, but on closer examination it's the opposite. Listen to the debate between Darren Taylor and myself on all things branding

BYOB 15.jpg

Today on the podcast we talk to Darren Taylor, author, speaker and CEO of Taylor and Grace, a medium sized agency that invents or re-invents brands for small and medium sized businesses.

Darren shares his story from being a regular employee and taking a marketing apprenticeship to building his own branding business. He highlights the importance of branding for a company, whether big or small, and how it can make a business successful.


What is covered in this episode:

  • Services of Taylor and Grace

  • The story of Darren’s previous jobs and education

  • How Darren took the path less traveled, made a career shift in marketing and eventually started his own business

  • His apprenticeship before starting Taylor and Grace

  • Why Darren started his own business instead of getting another job

  • His thoughts before he plunged into his entrepreneurship journey and how he prepared for it

  • Andrew’s story of how he left his job to start his own business

  • Darren’s business partner and how they decided to work on branding

  • The reason why a company’s message is more important than the mode or medium it is delivered in

  • How successful business branding for small and medium enterprises start

  • Philosophy of Taylor and Grace

  • Why a brand is important and why it is the first thing needed in building a company

  • Examples of how Taylor and Grace helped 2 clients improve and build their brands

  • The similarities and differences between company and personal branding

  • Darren’s Book “Rebranding Branding”, the awards he won for it, and why he wrote it

  • Advice to people starting a business

  • 4 ways a brand can touch customers


Links mentioned in the show:


Website - Taylor and Grace

Linked In - Taylor and Grace

Linked In - Darren Taylor

Book Website - Rebranding Branding


EPISODE 14 - An interview with the Business Coaches' Coach. How Darren Bourke escaped corporate and an unfulfilling business to create the ultimate lifestyle business: Coachtopia


Today on the podcast we chat with Darren Bourke, a business coach, mentor and consultant to small and medium business owners for 15 years and author of The Fourth Moon.

Darren shares his story from his humble beginnings as a regular employee to building and owning his successful business. He specialises in coaching business owners to replicate his lifestyle design using his tried and tested methodology in achieving sustainable business success.


What is covered in this episode:

  • Who is Darren Bourke?

  • Darren’s methodology in making money, time and lifestyle work together

  • The lifestyle Darren lives, how he lives it and why it’s something people should emulate

  • Book: The Fourth Moon by Darren Bourke

  • The idea of the busy fool and how to change and overcome it to open yourself up to more time and opportunities

  • Darren’s work and family history and the story of following his dream of building and running his own business

  • How a sabbatical helped him re-calibrate and discover what he really wanted to do

  • Helping businesses by changing their format without changing their goals

  • Darren’s rituals and activities to keep him going and retain his focus

  • The story of launching his own brand and business

  • His new venture, Coachtopia, and how he wants to help start-up coaches to build their businesses

  • Business models and how it helps

  • One piece of advice from Darren to improve your business


Links mentioned in the show:

Website - Darren K. Bourke

Book: The Fourth Moon by Darren Bourke

Ebook: The Success Algorithm

LinkedIn - Darren K. Bourke


Episode 13.png

Today on the podcast I talk about the fourth stage in the Attract process – Resources.    There are three areas we focus on in the resources section - time, money and connections.






In this episode I cover:

  • The importance of focusing on those activities that you enjoy doing and get you into a state of flow

  • The daily routine of writing out your intentions each day

  • How to map out your time allocation

  • Writing down the ten things you love and hate doing in your business to understand where you need to focus your time on and where you need to delegate.

  • Knowing the value of your time to understand the amount you can spend to outsource

  • Understanding that you don't know what you don't know and why it is important to get the right help when starting out

  • Knowing how much to invest when starting out

  • How to use your connections and network at the beginning of your service based business

  • What is your ultimate destination - what do you want to do and when


Links mentioned in the show:

Tim Dwyer podcast

Run Well marathon training

EPISODE 12 - From building a multinational training firm to starting a start-up in comedy, how to transition between different businesses at different stages of life

Morry Morgan

Today on the podcast we have a laugh with Morry Morgan as we explore his entrepreneurial story and what led him to cofound a comedy school having never been a comedian himself.

He shares his learnings from living and owning a business in China and how his teaching background and an on-stage technical failure lead him to create The School of Hard Knock Knocks.



What is covered in this episode:

  • How his entrepreneurial journey has led him to create a business around teaching comedy and being a 'bucket list ticker'.

  • The impact going to China and leaving Australia had on his business journey.

  • The challenges of running and owning a business in China.

  • How you recover from storms can define you as an entrepreneur.

  • Testing your product in a market where you are unknown.

  • How an 'onstage fail' inspired him to learn the act of comedy.

  • How experiencing a poor customer journey led him to start the School of Hard Knock Knocks.

  • Understanding the impact that Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) can have on the growth of your business.

  • How podcasting helped Morry to reach KOLs in the comedy industry.

  • The future focus of scaling up his business to different locations.

  • How he is re-purposing his content across SHKKs social media.

  • The importance of looking after his past students and how that helps with new referrals and word of mouth.


Links mentioned in the show:

The School of Hard Knock Knocks

EPISODE 11 - Understanding how your life stage impacts your start up business

BYOB Solo artwork (2).png

Over the last few weeks we have looked at values and personality as important aspects of creating a business that attracts people to you.  Today we look at the third component - Life Stages.

If you don't know where you are and where you want to go, how can you plan for the future?

You need to know what you want in order to set your business intentions. 

What age are you is the first thing to look at in Life Stages.  Age can often determine your current values and life priorities and these need to be understood when building and designing a business on your terms.  

Life stages is all about timing and what capacity you currently have in your life. Entrepreneurship is about understanding where we are and planning for what is coming up.

When do you want to retire? What do you want to do when you retire? Retirement is about being able to choose what you want to do. 

Once you know what you want retirement to look like, map out how long it is going to take you and what you need to do to get there.  Intention, time and lifestyle are all key factors.

It can take 5 to 10 years to make a remarkable business.  Five years to get a business that can create a lifestyle income and another 5 years to make an asset to sell.

What are your intentions for the next 5 to 10 years, map out what it is going to take to get there and then consider what you will need to get there. 

We will dig deeper next time into Resources, what you will need to have to get you to where you want to go.

Take action this week by visiting the Life Stage module at Social Star University.

EPISODE 10 - Creating a team around your personality is essential to start up success 

Elphie Coyle

Elphie Coyle is master at knowing his strengths and how to build a team around his weaknesses. Hear his journey to entrepreneurship and how his particular background and style is reflected in all his businesses.

We discuss how he uses 7 freedom areas as his guiding principles in life and business and the impact owning a computer at the age of 7 kicked off of his entrepreneurial journey. 

Listen as we dive deep into the mind game that is entrepreneurship and how choosing to work allowed him to escape a self-imposed freedom trap.  He shares how his relationship with money has changed, mentors that have shaped his thinking, the importance of knowing your numbers and what it took for him personally and professionally to come back from the brink of losing everything.  

"Dance in divine love with the moment, whilst building keystone performance habits towards our best vision, integrating our past & preparing for the worst through total self-sustainability."
Elphie Coyle

Episode 9 - Knowing Your Personality and how it influences your role in a start up

Knowing Your Personality and how it influences your role in a start up

Last week we looked at values -  the core foundation drivers of your business that you have to match to your business in order to persist.  Persistence is the thing that gets your 1%.

This week we look at personality and how to design a business based on your personality. Knowing your personality allows you to know the best way you should be in your business, your best role within the business, what team do you need to fill in the gaps and how best to go to market. 

It is important to understand your personality so you know what strengths you have so you can focus on them. Just as important is knowing what you are not good at so you can hire people that are naturally good at those skills ot balance it up.

There are many personality tests on the market but the one we found most valuable was Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics which gives you a detailed and easy to understand entrepreneur profile.   Understanding what kind of Wealth Dynamic profile you are, makes it a lot easier to accept and understand why you are not good at particular things and what work you are most likely to enjoy and thus succeed at.

The challenge with building a personal brand is knowing how to represent your personality online through words and pictures.  

To determine this, we ask our clients two key questions:

  1. What is the level of formality of your industry – the way that people would perceive you.

  2. Your level of openness – how much of your personal life do you want to share online. Keep in mind that often you need to sketch outside your comfort zone in sharing you values and stories to attract people customers that share the same values and want to do business with you.

Answering those questions based on a 1 to 10 scale allows us to map out exactly how to position your brand online and in social media.  Remember there are three brands in every business – people, business and products and when starting out your personal brand is often the only one visible and thus the most important.

I encourage you to take action from today's episode by first visiting Social Star University and check out Understanding your Personality course and then reviewing  Roger Hamilton's Wealth Dynamics

Next week we will look at life stages and where you are before we look at the final stage of resources.  

EPISODE 8 - Following your values isn't always easy


Rohan Kopfler is a man following his own path. From high school teacher to entrepreneur, hear how he made his mark in his industry doing it his way. 

As the owner of East Coast Kayaking, Rohan got started by purchasing an existing business rather than starting from scratch. We discuss how he has expanded his business by creating additional revenue streams through an online store, and how he has harnessed the power of video to make personal connections with his customers.

Learn how Rohan cleverly accessed mentors around him to help him successfully face the inevitable challenges that arise when building a small business and why it is so crucial to be yourself, work hard and do what you love for a life and business on your terms.

EPISODE 007 - Core Values: the foundation of your brand and business

Core Values: The foundation of your brand and business

The concept of values is as old as Greek philosophy but we are not talking about right and wrong. More the core areas of life that determine how we spend our time, money and energy.

There are seven that we explore and how they influence the choice of customers we engage and business we operate to be truly fulfilled.

Values can help you to identify the difference being wanting and putting in the effort to get that success.  Perhaps you want a million dollar business but are you willing to work 80 hours a week for a long time to get it? 

By ranking your values it can help to structure a business that will work for you.   Business owners fail because often they are working towards other people's values and not their own.  If you values aren't aligned to your business, it will fail. 

You have to 'find the juice to get the squeeze' – what gives you the joy in your business. 

Once you understand your values it also help you to identify how you work and the target market to focus on, and focus is everything when it comes to a successful business.  

EPISODE 006 - YANA MARTENS - Learn to pose in front of a camera from a Russian model and entrepreneur

Yana Martens.png

Yana Martens has combined her phychology studies and modelling experience to create a business on her terms. She understands both sides of the camera and now helps photographers and those in front of the camera to get the images they want in her Posing People Workshops and mentoring.

It is said you only have 4-8 seconds to make a first impression, especially with your photos.  We discuss techniques to get images that help to reflect your personal brand and capture the essence of your why. Plus, we learn how to get take the perfect selfie!

We chat about her journey as a start-up entrepreneur and the current challenges she is facing in scaling her workshop business.   Knowing the balance between doing things yourself in start up mode and when is the right time to outsource. We also cover why systems and processes are critical when wanting to grow your business and the security of having other forms of income when starting out.

You can contact Yana on FacebookWebsite or Email:  yanamartens@gmail.com

Episode 005 - Taruni Falconer - Life traveler discovers her passion

Taruni Falconer created her own business from a young age and has traveled the world doing what she loves. During our conversation we explore the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and business ownership.

Taruni Falconer

We discussed the importance of self awareness and learning leadership through the living and working with discomfort until you are comfortable.   What frustrations you can expect to during transition points in your life and the need to practice listening to your intuition so you can access it through times of distress on your entrepreneurial journey.

We also talk about the impact accountability groups have had on Taruni's career and how creating an annual theme allows for greater clarity for her business development activities.  Remember to take time to celebrate the small wins and reflect on the transformations you make as a business owner. 

Episode 004 - Hank Vander Zee: From Brick laying to being an entrepreneur

Hank Vander Zee

Today I talk with Hank Vander Zee who has been a bricklayer for 20 years but is now transforming his life with a new business, Exclusive Entrepreneurs. He is helping people to grow a business through their thoughts and ideas, rather than their hands and labour.

Hank talks about the pitfalls of having a business in the construction industry and what drove him at do business differently at the age of 60. We talk about how he has successfully built a business within 90 days through mutli-level network marketing and why that business model often gets a bad rap.  Hank is passionate about his products and it shows in his work with a 90% conversion rate!

Episode 003 - Jacqui Pretty: Writing Books, building a business and work life balance

If you had an opportunity to return to corporate life would you? What if you were able to combine the training and mentoring opportunities that come with a corporate role, with the satisfaction of running your own successful business?

In this episode Jacqui Pretty from Grammar Factory joins me to talk all about what led her to set up her business helping entrepreneurs. How she helps people write awesome books and assists them to craft and hone their words so that they really resonate with their audience. Jacquie grew her business from being a sole trader to employing a team of editors, she talks about how she made that happen and what drove her to succeed. We also discuss how she has found work/life balance by returning to a corporate role, alongside running her own business and the advantages and opportunities that this presented her with.

Episode 002 - Carol Benton : From Big Blue to Family time - how Carol made the jump

One of my favourite things to do in business is helping people get out of a corporate job that no longer fulfils them and into a business that is built around their values and lives. This weeks #BYOB podcast is with one of my long-term friends/clients Carol Benton who I met at IBM many years ago and is now an expert communications coach at Words to Win.

Episode 001 - Andrew Ford's story interviewed by Belinda Coomes

In this, the first episode of the 'Build Your Own Business Show', the tables are turned and Belinda Coomes, my podcast producer, puts me in the hot seat. We talk all about my background, my values, my own business and what drives me.

Be Your Own Boss is my latest podcast exploring ways for corporate escapees to get out from jobs they hate and into careers they love #BYOB

Belinda and I discuss my escape from corporate life and how I turned my skills, knowledge and expertise in digital, marketing and branding into my own successful business, Social Star. We talk about how both personal resilience and willingness to evolve my business over time, has been key in my own journey as an entrepreneur. Belinda and I look at how creating a robust and nimble business has enabled me to be flexible in my work/life balance. We also talk about why I believe it’s important for all small business owners/entrepreneurs to understand that there are no shortcuts to success, that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.