Make your Passion, Your Profession!


Because our last "Date night with your Career" event in March was such a great success, we are bringing it back!

This time, the theme is:

Make your Passion, Your Profession!

How to turn your big idea into a real business. One that you love running AND makes money.

20th September 2017-  6:00 pm to 9:00pm


Who Should Attend?

  • Professionals with a burning business idea wanting to understand the process to get it off the ground as a side hustle or full time business
  • Business owners looking to launch a new idea in their existing businesses 
  • Career workers wanting to understand and prepare themselves for the future of work in the digital economy

Why Join us & What to expect?

  • Get practical advice on how to search for a meaningful career that you are truly passionate and care about
  • Get Tips & tricks from experts in personal branding and recruitment
  • Meet like-minded mature professionals who have start their own passion businesses
  • Learn what the next trend in personal branding is and why you should be building your brand assets now
  • Find out how to do what you love and get paid what you deserve
  • Get insights into the future of careers in the next five years, global trends in employment and entrepreneurship 
  • Hear from people who have moved from a job to a career they love
  • Inspiring stories of Business Owners & Entrepreneurs and the process they followed to find their 'passion-career' and build up their businesses to replace their work income