5 Types of Linkedin Profile Pictures to Avoid at All Cost

As you would probably be aware, its best practice to get a clear profession head shot for your Linkedin account. Developed through 40,000 years of facial recognition fine-tuning, our brains make up split second decisions on whether to associate with an individual. On the other hand, here are 5 types of Linkedin profile pictures to avoid at all cost! 


1. Outdated Blurry Pictures

Is your profile picture from 10 years ago when 2.0 mega pixel phone camera were the hottest feature? By displaying pixelated and outdated pictures, it gives the impression that you couldn’t care less about your professional image. 


2. Self Portraits

Save the self portraits for Facebook and Instagram. The casual practice of snapping a self shot comes across as hasty and unprofessional. Instead, hire a professional photographer to capture a shot with carefully measured lightings and angles. Its a safer bet than your self-proclaimed ‘selfie’skills. 


3. Inappropriate Dressing

A good rule of thumb is to be dressed for the photo similarly to how you would for an important meeting. Hence, your Sunday beach attire is a strict no-no! 

On the other hand, take into account the industry that you are working in. If you are a sports trainer for example, wearing sportswear for the photoshoot is preferred over corporate outfit.   


4. Party Pics

A picture of you with your mates on a drinking night out is great in showing your fun and adventurous personality. However, that is not the professional image which is best suited for Linkedin. Instead, your profile picture should be taken against a plain background where the focus is primary on your facial features. 


5. No Picture

Did you know that adding a profile picture makes it 7x more likely to be viewed by others? By excluding a profile picture, you relegate yourself to one of the many faceless profiles on the vast Linkedin network.