Which Platforms Should I Host My Personal Website?

A personal website serves as the hub for your digital brand. When prospects search you up, they can find all your information in one place.  

Forbes.com recently reported that 56% of surveyed hiring managers said they are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than any other branding tool. 

With that in mind, where should you host your personal website? 

Today we explore the top five platforms you should consider, while listing out the their pros and cons. 

Do decide which platform(s) might suit you best and let us know your decision!  


Winning Features: Are you big on blogging? Medium is optimised towards content discovery. The platform exposes your articles to readers who are interested in particular topics. This helps expand your readership with much effort in marketing. 

 Cost: Free

Support: There is a help email address where you can send through your questions, feedback and bugs. 

Downside: Do consider that Medium is a third party platform. This means that while you are credited as the producer, the content published belongs to them. An implication is that when the third party platform decides to close down or change its T&Cs, you could potentially lose your hard earned content and followers. 


Our Verdict: We view Medium as a place to re-publish content that already exists on your blog, instead of original content. This provides another avenue to provide a traffic bump to your website. Therefore it is best you build your personal website on another platform, before looking at Medium to complement it. 



Winning Features: Customisable plugins. Due to their open source nature, they have plugins that tackles practically every need that you have. From capturing an email list, to improving page speed to social sharing. 

Costs: While it is free to set up, you are required to pay your own hosting and domain registrations. This typically works out to $100+. Depending on your requirements, customised website templates and plugins will cost you more. 

Support: There is no customer support due to its open source nature. Instead Wordpress hosts a forum where you can post questions for community members to answer. 
Downsides: It is important that you have technical knowledge or know someone who does. As the plugins are open source, the quality is not regulated and integration issues may arise. This mean that breakage in the website interface might occur. 

Our Verdict: We recommend Wordpress if you are planning to build a website with full capabilities. While this might be suited for a business website, it might be an over-kill for a personal website as you might end up spending more time and money than desired figuring this platform out. 


Winning Features: This is possibly the best one page website out there. It is easy to build where you simply add sections to a page and is mobile optimised. 

Costs: The PRO package comes with unlimited bandwidth at $192 per year.


Support: For any queries, you can visit their knowledge base or contact them directly. 

Downside: Specialising in one-page websites, there are limitations if you plan to scale your personal website further. There is also limitations in the form builder that only provides name, email and messages as the only field options (i.e. no radio buttons, checkboxes and file uploads). 

Our Verdict: It is great if your intention is to consolidate all your information onto a one page website in a basic fuss-free format. Beyond that it offers a small selection of great themes and lacks meaningful customisation options.



Winning Features: It consolidates all your digital and social media presence in one spot. This allows people find all information about you easily when searching for you online. 

Costs: Free

Support: For any queries, you can visit their knowledge base or contact them directly. 

Downside: Apart from displaying your links, there is not much additional features. You are unable to actively engage on the platform such posting updates and discussions on LinkedIn.  

Our Verdict: We would say that the about.me is more about placement. It doesn't hurt to have an additional item when you are being search up. Therefore you can set it up and return to update it occasionally. 


Winning Features: Squarespace stands out for its stunning designs. The templates provided are beautiful, modern looking and mobile responsive. 

Cost: For the personal website package, an annual subscription costs $96. There are typically no add-ons required, therefore this fee is all that you pay. 

Support: There is a one-hour email response turnaround time. From my experience, their customer support team handles my queries very effectively. 

Downsides: If you plan to go deep in design and functionality, do note that there are limitations to the capabilities provided in Squarespace. 

Our Verdict: If you intention is to have a hassle-free start to your personal website, Squarespace is a prime choice!  

To wrap up...

As you can see – While there is an abundance of options, you should base your selection according to your needs such as customizable options, costs and technical set up needed.

Keen on establishing your brand online with a kick-ass personal website? Do drop us a message to learn more about how we can help! 

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