3 Questions with Andrew Ford - Digital marketing in the future.

From having years of experience in marketing and management, to launching his own business in personal brand management, being a father of two beautiful children and writing a book, Andrew ford (Founder and Personal Brand Coach of Social Star Personal Brand Management Company) is a multi-talented man. He has always been a high achiever- scoring distinction in his Masters at RMIT University. Together with academic achievements he is also very passionate about staying active and really follows that path. From karate, to skiing, triathlons, to swimming he has done it all. I are extremely excited to present you with a piece of his thoughts in regards to the upcoming marketing trends in digital media.

We asked him three different questions to which he answered with an open mind and heart. Some of the snippets from the question and answers are as followed:

1. "In this era of new businesses like Airbnb, Uber etc, do you think existing traditional businesses should try to replicate how these new companies operate to stay competitive and be more attractive to the next generation?"

 I think the proliferation of digital devices and always-available Internet is massively changing the way we all live and work. It is already impacting many industries but will progress to many industries in the next 10 years. That said some industries are not suitable to this change because of necessary centralisation, such as hospitals, emergency services, telecommunications, mining etc.

Andrew also gave us the example of UBER, a well-known upcoming transportation alternative that provides the clients, drivers and the transportation industry many flexible options that are highly necessary in this generation of technology and quick deliverance.

Andrew has promoted digital branding in many of the companies he has worked in before. Therefore, we thought it would be a good idea to ask him his thoughts on traditional branding and the upcoming trends of digital marketing.

2. Traditional marketing techniques are under fire for being out-dated and ineffective.  Do you agree and to what degree do you think clients should adopt a pull approach to their products rather than the traditional push paid advertising. 

 "The choice of traditional and digital is really a question of how big is your consumer base compared to the population. The larger the percentages of the general population you are targeting the more mainstream the advertising platform. Then review their age, location and media habits and match the media choice to fit your audience. Finally what is the product you have and how can you effectively communicate it to them - words, pictures, and video, as this will cement your media choices."

I am sure many of you wonder if digital branding is taking away the importance of branding agencies in today’s world. We asked Andrew where he sees his firm in the next 5 years, here is his response…

"Social Star helps business people get their personal brand online to attract opportunities. Currently we do this in 1 on 1 consulting so we are limited to how many people we can help. In the near future we will be providing an online solution called Social Star University to aid students, professionals and small business owners gain the practical knowledge they need to build their e-ttraction brand. 

After that is launched we will complete our fully integrated platform which links your social media to our University so as you learn to methods, you can apply them directly to your online presence via our smart tools. Thereby assisting you to build the digital components of your brand. 

Clearly, even if there are many sources out there that can help you with personal branding but there will always be a need for people to get some help from branding agencies, a place where they can get all the information they need and ask an expert if they are on the right track with their business and marketing."

Interesting! Have more questions that you would like to ask the expert himself? Come to our event on the 6th October at 6:00pm to see Andrew Ford discuss further issues surrounding digital market and its effect on people today with 3 other industry experts and ask him any question you like face to face.

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