There is nothing wrong with having no or too many experiences

"Thinking outside the box - Prior Experience Not So Necessary! - ... In recruitment, we hear from companies who are very specific on how much prior experience someone should have in order to work for their business. I’d hate to think that Australia is missing out on the next great idea.." quoted from Christine Khor's post from Chorus Executive - A recruitment agency specialising in Marketing, Sales and Communications.

OMG somebody finally says this out loud, and it even has stronger effect when it comes from a Recruitment Agency! This post from Christine officially made my day (except for the fact that my colleague got his pants ripped off while helping carry the beer cartons literally made my day earlier today - that's another story) and inspired me to write this post in literally 10 minutes!


How many times have you been let down when you get that typical response from the HR agency or hiring manager that "Your experiences are great, you did great in the interview, we really liked you but we have decided to offer the job to someone else who had done the exact same role with much more similar experience!". How possibly can one get experience if they don't get the very first chance?

Once in a while I tend to look back at my working experiences and job history and question myself "Where is it that I'm heading, what career path am I following?" (Except I know for sure that I would love to open my own unique lifestyle cafe' one day!)

With a bachelor degree of International Business and a Master Degree (Honours) of Marketing, I started my first ever job as a Recruitment Officer for one of the biggest FMCG companies in Vietnam - FrieslandsCampina at the age of 20 when I was still sitting at Uni doing my final year Thesis, while working part-time as an English teacher on the weekend.

Leaving all that behind, I came to Melbourne three years later and have definitely been in for a job ride ever since. From student jobs like waitress, translator, juice bar girl, product promoter, librarian, magazine model, sales girl on the street - the list goes on and you name it - to senior positions like Sales Executive for one of the biggest retailers in Australia - Clive Peeters to Marketing Executive for the biggest casinos in New Zealand - Skycity, I have done it all.

People with a resume like mine would traditionally and commonly be considered as a job jumper, someone who would not stick around for a serious length of time or wouldn't be considered for a job because they lack the experience in the new industry, the new job they want to enter.

The truth is people may have only focused on one point and missed the whole picture.

What more important than the experiences is the attitude and energy people bring to your organisation. Skills sets can be transferred and trained but not the attitude.

How about the diverse experiences from different roles that I have had, the wide industry knowledge that I have gained, the complex network of the people from all walks of life, the colleagues I have met, the management and leadership styles I have experienced?

I admire and respect people who celebrate their 10 years work anniversary at the same organisation, someone graduated with an accounting degree and has been an account all their life. Obviously a stable career they have marked in their life! Then I get worried about myself and wondered "Can I do that?" "Will I ever stop and be settled in a job for more than a decade?

The answer is YES, absolutely, if that's the job I love and motivates me to wake up every day to go to work!

I just happen to have a big heart and love a lot of things and always want to try and do my best in anything I do, any job I have. No matter what role it is. Be it a waitress, I was the most attentive and friendly waitress you’ve ever met, be it a client manger, I'll strive to give my clients the best services I can.

If I didn’t make these brave moves, I wouldn’t be here at Social Star today. I am so grateful to be working with amazing people with great ideas on different awesome projects everyday. And the best part is now I get to help others find their perfect job by building them a powerful personal brand.

Love your job, whatever you are doing, do it with love and passion and believe that it will build up your experiences and someday you will look back and thankful for that juice bar job that taught you about customer services, how you impressed the guests at the barbie with your knowledge of the washing machine from your retail days!

So rather be concerned and make up excuses for your awesome experiences, go for the job you love and walk in the interview proudly with what you have done and have learnt! Every experience counts. Be the best you can be. Do what you love. Love what you do. And if the motivation, inspiration, passion, or love has worn out, it is time to move on, it's better for both you, and the organisation you work for.

There is no point forcing you stay in the job you are no longer passionate about. Life is too short to be stuck doing things you don't love.

Final words:

- Live life for the experience, not for the possession. I hope you are doing what you love and loving what you do! -