5 Key Tips To A Successful Job Search on LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn first started in 2003 it has become an invaluable professional/social networking entity that you cannot afford to overlook when it comes to landing your dream job.  

For recruiters, the member base of 332 million worldwide provides a fantastic platform to hunt for talent. There are two ways that need to be considered when using LinkedIn to find a job: 1. Allow for the job to find you and 2. find the job.

That means it comes down to what effort you make:

Is your profile complete and set up for recruiters to find you and...

Do you make the most of the job search function on LinkedIn?
Today I will give you some valuable tips on what your profile needs to contain to make you find your next amazing job. I started with a short interview of Brooke McDonald, career expert and founder of Intergreat Consulting, on how she uses LinkedIn to find talent. I wanted to know what she expects to find when looking up a potential candidate.

She revealed that a complete profile grabs her attention first. She adds that a compelling LinkedIn profile gives her a great amount of information about the person, their brand and expertise and shows who is ready to go the extra mile. "The people who spent time on their LinkedIn profiles are generally more proactive and confident in showcasing their experience", says Brooke. 
Furthermore according to LinkedIn statistics users with a complete profile are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through LinkedIn. Are you convinced now?
So here are my 5 tips to get your profile talent hunter ready:

1. Get A Professionally Taken Headshot

Yes, you may look lovely in that photo at your best friend's wedding but no, this should not be on LinkedIn. What is expected on this platform is a professional shot showing you at your best ready for business, not for party. Your favourite work outfit, a confident pose and a not too busy background are a must, while the smile is not. What is important is the smile in your eyes, the 'yes' to life and the work that you are doing.

2. Have A Keyword-Rich Tagline

What most people don't know is that they can change the tagline manually into something more expressive than just your job title or "job seeker". Use the 120 characters to say what you are an expert in, which problems you solve and how you solve them.  It should contain the keywords to help people find you. Get creative to attract people to read on!    

3. Customize Your URL

When you sign up for a LinkedIn account, there is a default URL set on your profile which contains random letters and numbers . Most people are not aware that you can customize the URL to use something unique and memorable - your name! It also makes you more "findable" in search engines and helps you pop up at the top when people are looking for you online.                                                                                                                                                                                      

4. Get Your Biography Done

If you are not a professional writer I strongly advise for you to find one to write your biography which people are expecting to find under "summary". Your bio is basically the extension of your tagline and underlines what you are the expert in.  It informs the reader about who you are and why you are passionate about your work in a story-telling fashion. 3 - 4 paragraphs and up to 300 words will give you the space to make people understand if you are the right person for them or their connections. One extra tip: If you  save whales in your spare time, you should add this in the last paragraph and show the world what you care about beyond your daily work.

5. Skills And Experience

This is your CV part of the profile where you show people your experience, achievements and skills in the former jobs you have had. Make sure you include a short paragraph about the company you worked for. Not everyone knows the organization or industry or the company may have merged into another one and does not longer exist under the same name. Refrain from inserting your job description as it is not very nice to read and does not say a lot about you as an employee. What is far more important are the achievements you have had within the role. Figures are always great to find and give information about you as a results driven individual.
Now that you have the basics of your LinkedIn profile covered you can take it to the next level. In the following post I will talk about the actual job search and take you through some simple steps that you may not be aware of yet.
If you get stuck or want more detail, give me a call on 0433764078 or send me a message on francesca@socialstar.com.au.