Crafting A Killer LinkedIn Headline

Most people might be wondering why a killer LinkedIn headline matters. After all, it is just a few words on a profile. But imagine this…

You are scrolling through LinkedIn and find an inidividual that displays him as the CEO of XYZ company. Being clueless on the value or expertise they can offer, you glance over their profile and continue scrolling. 

This means that from first encounter, they had already LOST the opportunity to impress you with their experience, skills and unique value proposition (USP).  

Although LinkedIn defaults your headline to your current job position, it is too valuable a space to waste on generic descriptions!  

Instead you should here are some questions you should ask yourself when you are crafting a killer LinkedIn headline.

1.  Describe Yourself With An Adjective 

Start with an adjective which describes your position in your industry. It could be Expert, Professional, Passionate or Experienced. I chose ‘Expert’ for mine as I have 20 years experience, have several degrees and have published a book on the topic. I feel I have earn’t that title. 

2. Your Profession Or Industry  

Think about this – people have a need to classify others in order to make sense of who they are. Therefore the same should apply to your headline. For example are you an Accountant or Architect, perhaps a Carpenter or Writer?

These simple descriptions help us to understand the context of who we are reading about. I chose ‘Marketing’ for mine as that is my formal qualification and what my job title was during my corporate career.

3. What do you specialise in?

Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing terrible about being a generalist. But if you have a toothache, would you go to a dentist, OR go to a general practitioner (GP) that had a bit of exprience in dentistry?  

If time and cost is not an issue, most people would typically flock to the expert. Claiming that you are an expert in something shows that you have dedicated effort to master a particular field. It gives people the credibility that you can do a great job. 

In my case, I choose ‘Personal Branding’ and ‘LinkedIn’ as my niche. This let my prospective clients know that even though I am a marketing expert, I possess a deep knowledge base in those areas. 

4. How do you benefit them? 

The final part is possibly the most important, that is how you help others. The reader of your profile really only cares how you can possibly help them. Before they even read your profile they will read your tag line and if it doesn’t match their needs, you might miss out on that perfect job. 

It is imperative that your description honestly reflects what you would love to do for work. If you find a match for someone who needs someone just like you, the chances of you getting the job you truly love skyrockets. 


These are four questions you can start asking yourself when crafting a LinkedIn headline. It may take a bit of effort to formulate and tweak it, but is well worth the investment in creating a solid first impression. 

Has this been useful in writing yours? Do let me know in the comments below!