10 Tips For Your Next Photography Session

So you have booked a photography shoot. What happens next? 

In this post, we have compiled common questions encountered by clients on how to make the most out of their photography shoot. 

Clothing Attire

1. Rather than shop for a brand new wardrobe, simply don the attire you would normally wear for an important meeting. This allows you to have a consistent style when meeting your connections in-person. 

2. Colour match is important too. As a general guide, wear a dark outer jacket along with a lightly coloured inner shirt/blouse. You would also want to avoid the faux pas of matching a black jacket and navy blue tie for example. 

3. You would want to make sure that your clothing elements do not draw too much attention away from your face. Avoid strong styles like strips and polka dots, as well as go easy on the make-up and hair styling. 

4. Its advised that you bring at least two different sets of clothes for a photoshoot. A formal outfit similar to how you would approach a business meeting, and a casual outfit similar to how you would dress for Friday drinks.

Facial Expression 

5. Visualise the work that you are passionate about when facing the camera. Akin to Larry Page of Google presenting at a world class tech conference, or Donald Trump on the verge of signing a multi-million dollar deal. You look most attractive when your passion shines through.

6. To smile or not? Most photographers might advise you to force a smile. However, we recommend that you focus on the interior feeling rather than exterior expression. To smile or not, a big grin or a smirk - that's up to your natural inclination. 

Physical Positioning

7. Should you stand or sit? Most of the time, we recommend that you stand for a photoshoot. This allows your body to appear slimmer and more naturally framed. It also gives more flexibility for cropping from a full body to head shot. 

8. Unlike a typical posture where you stand up straight, we advise you to angle your body to the side and lean slightly chest forward. Almost to giving the camera lenses a head butt. It is more lively compared to a face on photo which can look a bit like a mug shot. 

Choosing A Photo 

9. Here comes the fun part, picking a shot as your hero pic. To make it simple, go for the pictures where your eyes shine. It should be attention drawing and able to connect with the audience. 

10. Do explore with cropped full body shots as your headshot. You might be surprised with the results! 

To Conclude...

So there you have it - some tips on how to prepare and take an awesome photo for your LinkedIn profile.

Which tips were most useful for you? Are there other tips we may have left out? Do let us know in the comments below!