Productivity: How To Get More Out Of Your Time?

You started work at 9:00am this morning. It is now 5:00pm and you still have tons of work to do. How did that happen? You thought the 'To-Do list' will keep you on track. Then how did time catch up on you and rushed past you like a tornado? We all have the same problem! Losing time while we work long hours every week can happen to us all. But how come people like Jack Dorsey (Running two companies- Square and Twitter at the same time) be highly productive, when he has the same 24 hours as us? 



If you are trying to use your time effectively then the first key resource to improve on is well.. Managing TIME!

You can’t increase or negotiate your time, therefore learn to make the most out of it! Here are 3 golden rules to time management. 

  • Create achievable goals
  • Learn to say NO
  • Use Pomodoro technique 

Create Achievable Goals  

We all know nothing kills time like vague and unrealistic goals. Imagine if your boss tells you to make a marketing plan. That's it! A marketing plan! you don't know what type of marketing plan it is, what for, or by when! Yeah, life would be much harder then! Therefore it is imperative to put these goals in order and have SMART goals.  

SMART goals


Now instead, imagine your boss ask's you to make a day-to-day social media marketing campaign for your company's twitter account and increase it's response rate. Now, is your goal-

Specific: What is it that you want to achieve? 

Measurable: How will you demonstrate and evaluate the impact?

Achievable: Is it realistic, given the resources you have available to you?

Relevant: Is it directly linked to the goal?

Timely: Will the work be done by the expected deadline? 

A good example of a SMART goal would be-

'Every workday, I will schedule and publish 10-12 tweets from our company Twitter handle, and I will respond to comments within one hour of receiving them.'

Learn To Say NO

Your kindness and tendencies to help others can cost your business. As your career rises and your business blooms, you will get a lot of requests from people for advice. I know, it feels good to help others. After all, helping someone 'for a minute' is not going to hurt your productivity, right? Now add all those extra minutes and multiply it with the amount of people you try to help. You many not realise it at the time but it puts a massive 'glitch' in your everyday work. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying don't help anyone at all. Instead learn this trick to minimise those efforts. 

Allocate specific theme to each day of your week. For example: you know on Thursday you need to focus on the development of your business and partnership with others that can benefit both parties. You can now book coffee meetings, Luncheons and more with these people weeks in advance. 

Theme your week



Pomodoro Technique  

Here is an example of how you could break a bigger task into smaller chunks according to time. If you had the task of preparing a content marketing calendar for the month of December, you would then allocate time to do this task and break it down into three sections-

Pomodoro technique


  • Research: check out your competitors as well as your customers. What type of content are your competitors publishing? Is there a specific type of content that your customers like to see from you? How often should you blog, offer e-books and free templates to your customers? Now, take a break for 10 minutes before writing up your calendar. 
  • Writing: I personally use a pre-made monthly calendar template to make my life easier and take the little tasks out of my writing time. Ps: Download this template at the end of the blog. 
Monthly social media campaign calendar template


  • Editing: After your quick break, go through your calendar & re-evalaute it before launching the campaigns

I know life can get in the middle of schedules. You may need to pick up your children from school, or make it to that dentists appointment, even paying bills can take a huge bite out of your time. Schedule specific time to complete 'small tasks'  in your day so that it does not disrupt your day to day schedule. Learn how to create SMART goals. Follow your fixed schedule and learn to say no to tasks that are not adding value to your business and life. 

As promised, here is a social media strategy kit for you to use and save your precious time. You’ll find tips and guidance in the form of audio, video, SlideShares, ebooks, benchmark data, Excel template (monthly calendar), PowerPoint templates, one-on-one help, and more! Click below to download your kit. 

Social Media Strategy Kit

Posted by Tina Dochana