Finding the piece of jigsaw with Simon 'Sharky' Clark

 Simon is a profound business coach, one damn nice bloke and a long term friend of Social Star.   Here is a blog written by his own hands about achieving greater clarity in business and life.

Simon is one of the bloggers that we follow regularly. So when we asked 'Sharky' if we could borrow this particular blog for our fans, we were delighted he agreed.

We hope you enjoy the read!

Finding Clarity

Lack this piece and you may as well throw away the entire jigsaw.

If you’ve been reading my posts for long enough, you’ll know I’m a huge fan of clarity. Being clear on what you’d like to be, do, have leads to doors opening all over the shop. This planet has a very cool way of putting things in front of us that we need, when we know what it is that we want. And if you want to see that effect multiplied, be clear on the reasons as to why you want it.

Any idea you begin to conceive should have an associated reason why. Without one, you’re unlikely to have your thoughts move from daydream land to real-world reality. The clearer you are on why you’re wanting to achieve something, the more likely you are to achieve it.

Sort The Pieces.

Take bucket-lists as an example. Plenty of people have them and in various sizes. They’re likely to contain a variety of items big and small. But you’ll tick more things off your list if you’ve attached a reason why. Eat that exotic food because? Visit that country because? Run that, ride this, meet that person, do that thing, jump off, land on, raise this, enjoy that. Why?

The best reasons why for doing something, are clear and concise. They have absolute clarity around them. I want to do X because Y and help myself/others achieve Z, and my reason why is this …..

Let me blunt. Your reason why is your key to getting shit done. So get clear on it.

Start With The Edges.

When it comes to the big things in life, a reason why has to be deep and meaningful. These goals I refer to as “Big fat hairy goals”, they take a while to achieve and require massive amounts of motivation. At times your reason why will be the only thing that keeps you going.

For example, I help people in business and in life to regain control of their overwhelm, increase their clarity, improve their mental health, and get back to their business of achieving. Why? Because I know what it’s like to live a life drowning in the fear of failure. It almost cost me mine. I want to help people avoid living such a life, too afraid to know how awesome they can be. From that reason why, I started a business that’s focussed and effective, and I operate with passion and purpose. Big fat and hairy, deep and meaningful too.

Work Inwards.

But enough about me, more about you. If you’re stuck in the land of doubt about what it is you’re aiming for, revisit your reasons why. I’m a huge believer in KISS theory (Keep It Super Simple) so start small, maybe that bucket list of yours? Look back over it and check in with the reasons why. For the fun of it? For the fun of it with others? For the fun of it with others in another country? You get the picture, simple and clear reasons why guaranteed to motivate you.

And when it comes to the bigger things in life, ramp up the clarity on your why factor. Go deep, dig plenty, move that mindset around. If you’ve been daydreaming about a business idea for years now, could it be you’ve not yet started because your reason why lacks clarity? If you’ve been dreaming for ages about a huge travel adventure but nothing’s happening, why is that? The levels of clarity outlining your reasons why is what’s going to get you stamps on passports, and securing investors for your start-up.

A Picture Appears.

If it stirs you enough, you’ll stand a good chance of getting it done. But if you really want to hit your targets, add a compelling reason why. Big stuff or little stuff, it doesn’t matter. Power your ideas with a reason why of equal size, and be prepared to see what you’re capable of. Why do you want to do that? What’s driving you? Does it make you tingle a little? Or a lot? If it does, you’re a shoe-in trust me on that.

Don’t say just because, say with absolute clarity “because this!” Clarity leads to motivation, which leads to achievement, which leads to happiness, which leads to a positive mindset, which leads to you enjoying better mental health, which leads to you learning how to repeat the same process that might just lead you to where you’ve always dreamed of being.