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Having worked with hundreds of clients on building their personal brands, we know the biggest frustration that most clients have is that their branding material - websites, marketing and ad campaigns, look poor and unprofessional.

  • You are frustrated that you don't have a consistent, clean visual presence in their industry
  • You struggle to find royalty free images that line up with your service or product
  • You've worked with photographers in the past only to be disappointed with the photos you get
  • The images you use don’t have visual ‘cut through’ in a busy marketplace

A Branded Photo Library is your own customised photography library that is:

  1. Branded to truly represent who you are, what you do, the essence of your business and how you want to present yourself in the marketplace.
  2. Tailored specifically to your requirements (for print, website, social media of product/staff/premises)
  3. Engaging -  not only are they beautiful, they stand out in the marketplace whilst engaging your target audience.

About our Partner

Julie Renouf

Julie Renouf

Specialising in telling stories through photography & film, Julie works with clients to create visual content that not only stands out in the marketplace, but is distinctive to a brand, inspiring client engagement and loyalty.

With a collection of local and international awards, she has creative collaborations with varied and illustrious clients incl. James Boag, Fisher & Paykel, and Don Smallgoods.

Julie is known for delivering beautiful imagery, storytelling and her compelling use of daylight to create a mood. Whether advertising or publishing, photography or film, her work is mesmerising.

social star - personal branding.png
social star - personal branding.png

Having a powerful visual presence is a vital component to online branding and consumer engagement.

If you are tired of searching for quality, royal free photos and ready to create your own library with perfectly branded images, contact Julie at or call her directly on 0411 874 976.

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