Freedom of time is the ultimate Goal

If you have ever woken up with Mondayitis, experience Humpday or TGIF - it's time to look at a different career.

Working for someone else has it's benefits, stable pay, regular holidays and you can leave the stress at the office. However, the days of secure and long-term employment are behind us. Over 50% of the workforce in the USA is contingent and the trend is escalating. We are only one restructure away from being retrenched or 'downsized', so the time to invest in your career planning is now. 

Building your personal brand is the best investment you can make in your career. In reality, we are all independent consultants marketing our services; it doesn't really matter if it's for one company or many. An investment in understanding your core value proposition, developing quality online branding assets and learning how to powerful pitch your services, is essential in today's marketplace.

Then you have control of working for one business or many. The benefits of having your own consulting business is that you own it! After five years of service you can have an asset that can be sold, plus freedom of your time to spend with the important people in your world. It's hard work, but having the ability to control of your time is worth it.

We want to empower everyone to follow their passion and work in a career they love. Join us in the career revolution! 

The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it, keep looking. Don’t settle.
— Steve Job